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2020 Regional Youth Crew Application
Thank you for your interest in participating in a 2020 Regional Youth Crew!

Session Dates:
SESSION ONE: June 7th- June 19th (24/7 camping)
SESSION TWO: June 21st- July 3rd (24/7 camping)
SESSION THREE: July 5th- July 17th (24/7 camping)
SESSION FOUR: July 19th- July 31st (24/7 camping)
SESSION FIVE: August 2rd- August 14th (24/7 camping)

Please take a moment to complete the online application. There are questions that youth need to answer as well as an electronic parent signature. Please be sure to click the "submit" button when you are finished.

For program information, please visit the RMYC website: After reviewing information on our website, if you have any questions about the program or the application and enrollment process, please contact Carlyn Lawatsch at (970) 879-2135 ext.102

Interviews will begin on February 15th. Announcements for placements will begin on March 1st.

Thank you!
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must provide an email for online hiring packet - please no school email as outside the district, as we can not email them.
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Rocky Mountain Youth Corps does not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. In order to track the effectiveness of our recruiting efforts and ensure we consider the needs of all our employees, please consider writing in your gender identity:
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What grade will you be entering in the 2020-2021 school year?
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What school will you be attending in the 2020-2021 school year?
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Youth T-Shirt Size: Participants are expected to wear t-shirts everyday to be presentable as a unified crew *
1 t-shirt is included with registration fee
Session availability (Please rank your session preferences. 1=highest priority, 3=lowest priority.) *
Program runs as a camping as a crew 24/7 starting Monday 8am and culminating on the last Friday @ 4pm. You will remain on crew through the weekend in the middle.
SESSION ONE (6/7-6/19)
SESSION TWO (6/21-7/3)
SESSION THREE (7/5-7/17)
SESSION FOUR (7/19-7/31)
SESSION FIVE (8/2-8/14)
Please answer the following question.
Please list 3 experiences (work, volunteer, teamwork, hobby) you have been involved in? What did you contribute to this experience?
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What are you passionate about? What interests you?
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What is one achievement you are proud of and Why?
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What has challenged you in the past? What did you do to work through this challenge?
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Have you participated in RMYC before? *
If Yes, what year(s)
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Please add any comments you believe will be helpful for us to know in your application. Additional program information will be confirmed upon enrollment.
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