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Needs Assessment : Marathi Wikimedia Projects
CIS-A2K is in process of developing proposal for 2018-2019. The objective of this assessment is to understand - the status of Marathi Wikimedia Projects (Wikipedia,Wikisource,Wiktionary,Wikimedia Commons,Wikibooks,Wikiquotes etc.), the roles of various stakeholders, ideas & plans to improve the projects and role of CIS-A2K. We need your feedback and further expectations from CIS-A2K.
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Which of the following project should be taken up on priority? *
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I primarily contribute in *
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CIS-A2K should work more to increase - *
CIS-A2K should focus on *
Give your opinion about outreach activities - Spreading geographically in all districts or Focusing on diverse thematic areas with communities of interest *
With the collaboration of State Govt and Marathi community, Science Writers Workshop was conducted in IUCAA, Pune. How do you visualise the outcome of such thematic events with the community? What are the other potential areas? *
The Maharashtra Govt. has taken initiative to enrich Wikipedia. How do you visualise the role of CIS-A2K?
According to me, marathi people are searching for knowledge in following areas - *
Please suggest the potential collaborations CIS-A2K should develop to bring more contributors to Marathi Wikimedia projects *
What kind of capacity building programs CIS-A2K should conduct for editors? Also list the training areas on priority. *
Do you think Marathi Wikipedia is facing challenge from any other knowledge website, social media, blogs etc.? Please list the good knowledge websites in marathi you have seen so far.
With increasing use of Smartphones what strategies should be adopted for more participation in content generation? *
CIS-A2K should take lead in following Global campaigns - *
Give your ideas to utilise the Wikipedia projects for building bridges between Indic Language Communities *
Share the above survey outcomes - *
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