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RIDGE TO RIVER 2: Off Grid, Back to Basics
Tanay, Daraltan, Rizal - An Eco-Adventure Experience
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I express my intention to join the above stated activity organized by the SIFCare to be held at Vaikuntha Farms, Daraitan, Tanay, Rizal from April 24 – 25, 2018.In connection with the above mentioned activity, I hereby warrant and representthat:(1.) I understand that my participation in the above mentioned activity is voluntary,and that said activity is only for the primary purpose of volunteering in the efforts of SIFCare for helping the environment.(2.) Having volunteered to attend and participate in such an activity I take it as myresponsibility to take the necessary precaution or care of avoiding or gettinginvolved in any incident that would cause slight, serious or mortal injury upon myperson or results in the loss or damage to my property and that of otherperson/s. (3.) I also understand that I am not to engage in any behavior that could or may leadto any incident or could result to loss or damage to property, injury to myself orother person/s. (4.) I understand that it is my responsibility to fully ascertain, if necessary with thehelp of a medical professional, my physical and mental fitness to join this activity.I understand that I must be sufficiently healthy or free from any medicalcondition that maybe exacerbated or aggravated by my participation in thisactivity. Should I be suffering from any medical condition that maybeaggravated or exacerbated by such an activity, I commit to report such conditionin writing to the organizers of this activity advise and excuse myself from such an activity. (5.) I have properly informed my parents or the person(s) exercisingparental authority over my person concerning the nature of the activity whichI am joining. I have likewise secured their advice on the measures which I amto undertake for my personal safety and security. Furthermore, I have securedtheir consent for me to join this activity as evidenced by the signature appearingherein. (6.) I am fully convinced that the SIFCare organizer(s) of this particular activity have exercised and will exercise sufficient diligence and care inthe preparation and implementation of this activity as they had done in pasttraining programs and workshops. (7.) Considering the voluntary nature of the said activity. I hereby hold the SIFCare and its representative(s), adviser(s) free and harmless from any liabilitywhich may arise out of this activity.
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