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Photography Permit - ACG
Please complete this on-line form, PRINT IT BEFORE YOU SUBMIT IT and THEN send your printed copy with your check made payable to the Allen Centennial Gardens. SEND TO The Horticulture Department, 1575 Linden Drive, Madison, WI 53706 c/o E. Anlauf.

Once the permit and payment have been received you will be prompted with a confirmation e-mail acknowledging permission to photograph.

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At any given time, there may be a wedding or other event taking place in the Garden as well as visitors and guests. We ask that you respect the privacy of the other people in the Garden and not disrupt by taking photos in that occupied area. Please abide by the Garden use guidelines at all times.

Restrict all posing to hard surfaced paths and lawns; DO NOT pose people in or on the rocks in the Rock Garden or within the garden beds.

PARKING - There is no parking in the Garden, see website for parking instructions. UW Transportation Services does not ticket vehicles after 4:30 pm weekdays or on weekends (parking is controlled on Football Saturdays).

Allen Centennial Garden is 100% operationally self-supported. Fees go to the operations of the Garden and allows all to use it without admission fee. Thank you for Supporting the Garden.
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