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SSLMIT Student Satisfaction Survey
Please take a minute to answer the following questions that will help us determine what went well during this workshop and what can be improved in future workshops. Thank you!
Did you have any previous knowledge of the Localization industry?
What were your expectations on this workshop before attending it?
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Do you think that after the workshop you have a better understanding of the Localization industry?
Do you think that the workshop content was valuable and aligned with your knowledge of the subject?
What overall rating would you give to the whole workshop (presentation + lab)?
What rating would you give to the presentation?
What rating would you give to the lab?
Were the lab instructions clear and easy to follow?
If you answered "no" to the previous question, what did you find difficult to understand?
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Did the lab part of the workshop help you understand Localization better?
Would you recommend this workshop to other students?
Please identify area(s) where you think the workshop could be improved.
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Please identify what you consider to be the strengths of the workshop.
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What advice would you give to another student who is considering participating in this workshop?
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