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TimeBank Supporting Businesses
Over the years, one of the issues that has come up for members is that some services are not as available for timebank exchanges as members would like. Often, they would be larger home repair jobs, work that needed to be done on a regular basis, or it was a member's regular employment and they really couldn't afford to do the exchange for timebank credits as it would take time away from making regular income.

Many members have small businesses and have informally given discounts to other TimeBank members if buying services or products from them, and members like knowing that their dollars are going to support a member in the TimeBank.

Some other TimeBanks have started programs like these, more of a member benefit program, and it aligns with how some time banks are becoming Mutual Aid Networks, essentially a collective of people helping each other in various ways.

Here is how the program will work:

Your business will be listed on a page on and it will state your business, describe it, and the discount or deal that you want to offer other members. There will be your contact information, website, social media, etc. Members can search there, and contact you for more information. When you are contacted, if it is a member you are not familiar with, it would be good to make sure they are definitely a Member. This page will be on our public website, not the Timebanking member only site.

The TimeBank will also do PR in the member newsletter about the businesses, and possibly more publicly on social media in the future.

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What discounts or special offers will you provide to TimeBank members? These offers should be in dollars only, not mixed with time credits. (some people have thought that this still needed to be a free service. It isn't. This is an opportunity to give timebank members a way to interact with your business that you do to support yourself. Offers are to be something you are willing to do on an on-going basis, not a first time discount. They can be limited to time of day, or days of the week.
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