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The final report "Heritage Houses for Europe", the first Paneuropean study on the measures that have to be taken to safeguard private historic houses, has revealed that the disappearance of artistic and craft skills is a significant threat and concluded on this subject with two recommendations: "stimulate at EU level the development of craft and art skills among young Europeans and supporting the exchange of knowledge, the capacity building and the pooling of resources between craftsmen in Europe ".

Since its creation Mad'in Europe has pursued three objectives : to make fine and traditional craft professionals more accessible, to make their professions better known, to value their work and to support the transmission of know-how to new generations.

Maintaining, restoring or rehabilitating a historic building cannot be done without the precious know-how of craftsmen. However, if it is true that 80 percent of traditional craftsmen working today will be retired in 20 years, then is it not legitimate to wonder who will continue to look after our cultural heritage tomorrow?
As " Les compagnons du devoir" say: "any word received that you have not transmitted is a stolen word". No transmission means no know-how for tomorrow!

This survey written by Mad'in Europe, with the collaboration of the European association of Historic Houses and the Belgium association of Historic Houses, aims to better understand the needs, troubles and priorities faced by property owners concerning the maintenance and the renovation.

The results and the trends emerging from this survey will be shared by Mad’in Europe with craftsmen and craftsmen associations. The answers will obviously remain anonymous.

We also want to raise awareness among private owners and architects on the need to call on skilled craftsmen, to support their know-how and to share the good addresses of craftsmen with others. Supporting craftsmen means ensuring a future for their profession.
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8) What professions and know-how do you most often look for? Please specify ? *
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16) Would you be eager to invite craftsmen that you know to join an Internet platform such as Mad'in Europe so they gain visibility, exchange with other professionals and pass on their know-how to others ? *
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