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2019-2020 PVHS WASC Parent Survey
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My student's teachers hold high expectations for student learning. *
The educational program at this school is of high quality. *
The principal provides effective leadership for this school. *
School rules are fair and consistenly enforced. *
I feel welcomed and valued at this school. *
My student is improving his/her ability to read, understand and interpret information. *
My student is improving his/her ability to communicate ideas/information. *
My student is improving his/her ability to compute and solve mathematical problems. *
I see a growth in my student's academic knowledge. *
My student is aware of the graduation requirements. *
My student has access to the library and use of technology before and after school. *
My student understands what they are expected to know before graduation as listed in the student handbook and on the school website. *
Teachers encourage my student to participate actively in his/her learning. *
My student has educational experiences beyond the textbook and classroom; these include: field trips, community service opportunities, clubs, and extra-curricular activities. *
I am able to contact my student's teachers when necessary. *
I am able to contact PVHS administration when necessary. *
The school's grading policies and practices are administered fairly. *
I have access to my student's academic progress. *
The school encourages my student to attend class every day. *
I understand the significance of CA Standardized Testing (CASSPP, ELPAC) *
I am aware of the academic requirements for graduation and college readiness. *
Teachers are available to give students the assistance they need with assignments. *
I am satisfied with the help my student gets from staff in addressing personal problems. *
I know how to get help when my child is having problems. *
School staff is caring and respectful toward my student. *
My student feels safe at this school. *
The student tablet is a necessary component of my child's education. *
The student tablets are a valuable tool for student learning. *
My child uses their student tablet regularly. *
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