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Lesher's Genius Week Registration 2020
Monday, June 1 - Friday, June 5, 2020

Welcome! Thank you for registering for Lesher's Genius Week. We love our Genius students and their families.

A few important registration details:

Registration will be open February 15 to May 21, 2020.

Your student's registration will be considered complete once you submit this form and remit payment—we place students in classes when payment is complete (instructions are in section 5 below).

Your child will be placed in the classes he or she selected as choices; if there is a problem with scheduling we will contact you by email or phone.

Genius Week will refund your tuition balance until Friday, May 22, if you need to cancel.
Before we get started, how did you hear about Genius Week?
Student First Name: *
Student Last Name: *
PSD student identification number (if your student is not in a PSD school, please list your school and district here):
What grade will your student enter in the fall? *
Where is your student attending school this spring? (Please add the elementary school or charter school name.) *
Student t-shirt size, in adult sizes: *
Lunch is included in the half and full day registration fee. Lunch is brought in from local restaurants and the menu will be similar to the list below. We are glad to offer vegetarian meals for those who prefer it. If you have other dietary needs, please provide your own lunch. We are not able to offer a reduced tuition for lunches brought from home. *
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Please report any medical conditions and/or any medications that will need to be at Lesher during Lesher's Genius Week. If medication will be kept at Lesher, remember to fill out the proper paperwork and have an adult bring the medication in the original container on June 1st, 2020. PSD paperwork:
Lesher's Genius Week takes pictures of the fun and learning during the week to be shared with Genius Week families, to be posted on the Genius Week website, and/or for advertising materials. If you do not want Genius Week using pictures of your child, please indicate the school where you filed an opt-out form.
Genius Week Attendee: Please check the box if you can commit to the following: "I will give my personal best, learning all I can, supporting my peers, and completing the classes' finished product(s) with excellence." *
Parent/Guardian, do you support your child in doing his or her personal best, including all of the above areas? If so, please check the box. *
Please tell us anything else you want us to know about your student.
If this is your student's first time attending Lesher's Genius Week, we require one teacher, coach, or instructor recommendation. Please share this link with an adult in one of those roles who can speak to the student's abilities:
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