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Open Gym/Trial Class Liability Form

Chaos Elite Statement of Understanding: I hereby certify that I fully understand the following: 1. My daughter/son: _______________ will be involved in a variety of tumbling, motions, partner stunts, rotations and heights; therefore, participating in cheerleading and involves some amount of danger of personal injury. I totally assume the risks involved by participating at Chaos Elite. I further realize that improper conduct of cheerleading activity could result in catastrophic injury, paralysis or even death; therefore, I agree to abide by all U.S. All Star Federation (USASF) Safety Rules and Regulations. 2. I hereby certify that I have read, am thoroughly familiar with and will carefully abide by the USASF guidelines for safety in cheerleading. USASF Safety Rules and Regulations can be found at: 3. I further agree to hold harmless Chaos Elite gym, staff, and athletes for any injury, which I may incur by being a participant at Chaos Elite.

I consent my approval for my child to have videos and photos taken.

STATEMENT: I have read carefully this memorandum, and I understand and accept the information and requirements contained in it.

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