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Student Needs Assessment Cherokee High School
Answer each statement and check how true it is.

I need help with the following concerns:

1. Making Friends
2. Dealing with Peer Pressure
3. Dating or relationship issues
4. I need to stop cutting/hurting myself
5. I need to stop using drugs and/or alcohol
6. I need to stop smoking
7. Handling teasing and/or being bullied
8. I am being abused
9. Getting along with other students
10. Getting along better with family members
11. Feeling sad or depressed
12. Feeling suicidal
13. Grief over the loss of a loved one
14. Dealing with Parent's Divorce
15. Dealing with anger
16. Feeling stressed
17. Skills for resolving conflict
18. Being more organized
19. Managing my time better
20. Improving study skills
21. Improving test taking skills
22. Developing my course schedule
23. Planning my options after high school
24. The college application process
25. Applying for scholarships and financial aid
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