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Dusk Dances Barrie Survey 2021
Thank you for attending Dusk Dances Barrie! Please fill out the survey below to help us continue to make this event better year after year!
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Have you ever attended another Dusk Dances event before?
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If yes, had attending Dusk Dances encouraged you to attend other dance performances?
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Have you attended another Simcoe Contemporary Dancers event?
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How did you hear about Dusk Dances this year?
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Did you dine out prior to or after seeing the show tonight?
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Were you accompanied by children or teenagers to see Dusk Dances tonight?
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What part of the experience at Dusk Dances did you enjoy? (check all that apply)
Overall, how satisfied are you with your experience at Dusk Dances?
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Are you a Barrie resident?
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If no, where do you live?
What is your postal code?
Please indicate your age group
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What language do you speak at home?
Please tell us how you self-identify with respect to gender.
Any other comments or suggestions?
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