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Afro-Kawaii ZINE Submission
Thank you for your interest in submitting to our community 'Afro Kawaii' zine!

This sign-up is to collect written pieces / kawaii art/ coloring pages and other creative content submissions for community members wishing to submit to DC Kawaii Style's afro kawaii zine. Upon submission approval you will be notified by email.

Upload permissions are available on this form, for your convenience ~
By uploading your files, you give exclusive use by DC Kawaii Style and Little INKPLAY Shop, not transferrable to an additional DBA, alias, other related businesses or counterparts for commercial or personal use.
All rights not expressly granted above are retained by the Artist, including any electronic rights or usage, and including, but not limited to, all rights in sketches, comps or other preliminary materials.

DC Kawaii Style will retain no rights to any artwork beyond this publication.

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Works will be due to Little INKPLAY Shop no later than 1/28 (Monday)
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By uploading your files, you give DC Kawaii Style full permission to use your images and product descriptions for the Zine. Upon submission approval you will be notified. You are allowed to submit p to 5 files - total upload size limit 100MB.
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Thank you for your submission!
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