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2020 Competitive Scholastic Team Policies
Rowing is a very intense, demanding sport that requires an “all in” attitude in order to be successful. Making a commitment to the competitive scholastic teams, both Varsity and Novice, requires a serious investment of time and energy. In order to support our team goals, we have created a set of expectations that govern attendance, behavior, and attitude for those who make this commitment. Due to the nature of this sport, individual behavior has a huge impact on the outcomes for the entire team, and we strive to create a supportive environment where every single person takes personal responsibility for their impact on the team as a whole, and does their utmost to ensure that impact is positive, supportive of teammates and coaches, upholds the ideals of CBC and the sportsmanship inherent in the sport of rowing, and contributes to the greater good of the team as a whole. This is the intent of these policies, and coaches have the final say in enforcement of any and all rules to support this intent.

Rower Responsibilities:

Always be early: 5 minutes early to practice is ON TIME. Attendance will be taken at 6am and 4:30pm, respectively (Varsity and Novice), and the late policy will be adhered to from that point forward.

It is IMPERATIVE to the the success of the team that EVERY individual be on time EVERY SINGLE DAY. Therefore, if you are late, for any reason, with or without notice, you will be subject to the following repercussions:
You will lose your seat in the boat for that practice. If you are repeatedly late you will be bumped out of that boat and will not race because repeated tardiness has a negative impact on the other people in that boat because it delays boats getting on the water.

Unexcused absences (absences for any reason other than illness/injury/family or personal emergency) impact you, your teammates, and your coaches. You have a responsibility to yourself and your team to attend EVERY scheduled practice and regatta without fail.
Illness/Injury/EMERGENCY are the ONLY appropriate reasons to miss practices or regattas
EMERGENCY is defined for our purposes as: death in the family, grave illness of family member requiring your assistance, vehicular or other life-threatening accident on way to practice or event.
What is NOT an emergency? Scheduling other meetings, events, appointments, tutoring sessions, or other lessons/activities during practice hours. Staying up all night to finish a paper or study for a test last minute that you failed to plan for accordingly. Oversleeping (set two or three alarms if need be. Have a backup plan, a call/text tree for the people in your carpool, etc.) In short, personal obligations should NOT be scheduled during practice times.*/**
ANY unexcused/non-emergency absences will result in the following repercussions:
First Absence: Loss of boat seat for that week, including race day, if during a race week.
Second Absence = Loss of boat seat for two weeks, including any races that occur during that time period
Third Absence = by review of head coach, suspension from team for remainder of season

If you are sick or injured, do not come to practice without prior approval from coach (in cases of extended injury where some activity is prescribed and coaches have approved an alternative practice plan for you). Alert coach as soon as possible of illness or injury per attendance guidelines below.

Emergencies (including illness, injury, etc.) must be phoned or texted to you squad’s head coach prior to 9pm the previous day, or phoned to the coach the day of a practice, ASAP. Leave a detailed message if you do not receive an answer.
If you become ill or injured or have any emergency situation after 9pm the night prior to a practice or regatta, please email the head coach AND follow up with a phone call to your squad coach the next morning. Do not assume coaches will be checking e-mail between 9pm and 6am.

All absences due to illness or injury REQUIRE a note from a parent or health care professional to be considered an excused absence.

For extended illnesses (over three consecutive days) and ALL injuries, a note of clearance from a health-care professional to return to no limitations/full pressure training will be required BEFORE you will be boated again.

If you are missing practice due to illness or injury, your “training” consists of: rest, following doctor’s orders for recovery, going to prescribed appts., and completing prescribed rehab exercises or activities as indicated by doctor and coach if limited training is approved.

Regatta attendance is mandatory. If you have a previously scheduled conflict that can not be changed you will need to contact the coach of your team.

Practice time is 6-8am for Varsity and 4:30-6:30pm for Novice so do not plan on being able to leave practice before 8am or 6:30pm respectively. The coaching staff will not be responsible for your tardiness at school because you opted to take an early class. The Fall season is especially hard to get athletes off the water and on their way before 8am due to the limited light in the morning as sunrise gets later and later. Weather conditions or other unknown variables (boat breakage, emergencies, etc) may impact our ability to have athletes out of practice on time every day, but our goal as coaches is to have athletes dismissed by 8am/6:30pm as often as conditions allow.


Self Respect & Team Respect:
Adhere to Athlete Code of Conduct.
Be on time for practices. (On time = 5 minutes early.) Don’t miss practices.
Have back ups for arriving on time, do not plan to leave early.***
Come PREPARED to each practice: sneakers, dressed properly for weather, water bottle, correct attitude, etc.
Coach talking = athletes quiet. Coxswain addressing athletes = Athletes quiet. Hands on boat = Athletes quiet. I mean absolute silence, not “murmur quiet.” Pay attention. Enough said.
Do what the coaches ask with the best effort and a positive attitude.
Treat all workouts as an opportunity for improvement, no matter how challenging. Commit to doing your best every stroke, every minute, every push-up, every day.
Believe in yourself. Have a positive attitude and come to practice ready to improve every single day, every single stroke.
If you are having a challenging day, for whatever reason, and need help, ASK your teammates for support/assistance.
Encourage and support your teammates in a positive manner to push themselves and do their best every stroke, every minute, every day.
Equipment Care:
Treat all equipment with respect: Treat EVERY BOAT as if it is a BRAND NEW BOAT.
Thoroughly wipe shells clean after each row.
Put everything away in its place -- cox boxes, launch supplies, oars, etc.
Fix damaged equipment -- missing hardware, seats off tracks, loose footstretchers, etc.
Notify coaches immediately of broken equipment you can’t fix.
Keep grounds around boathouse clean and clear of personal items, garbage, etc.:
Individuals found to have left personal belongings or litter/refuse on boathouse grounds will be fined $40.00 per occurrence.
If individuals are not able to be identified after FIRST seasonal occurrence of litter/refuse/personal items left after practice (socks and shoes on docks, clothing around boathouse, trash/empty water bottles, etc.), the team captains will be responsible for assigning different boats weekly to stay AFTER PRACTICE and sweep area to ensure ALL items are picked up and properly disposed of, stored, etc.
If any athletes in assigned boats leave before area is picked up completely, they will forfeit their seat in the boat for the next scheduled practice.
If coaches find any refuse or personal items left behind after assigned boats leaves, entire boat will remain on land for the next practice.
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