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2019 Battle of the Bands
Before signing up, please review the following participation rules & information:
1. Band members must be students.
2. Band entries must include at least two or more performers.
3. The goal is to have five participate from each school, and they will be accepted based on the five bands that register first from each school (first come, first served basis). If there are still open spaces at the end of registration, we will accept bands from either school.
4. Arrive a minimum of 30 minutes prior to your performance time. (Performance times may vary, so you may play earlier than noted in the line-up.)
5. The performance time limit is a strict TEN MINUTES OR LESS.
6. There will be an “On Deck” area clearly marked to the left of the stage. Please check in with the On Deck Manager and have your entire group ready to perform, including your instruments, in this area while the band prior to your group is performing. This will ensure a timely stage entrance.
7. There is a 5-minute exchange time between bands. Please exit/enter the stage as quickly as possible.
8. Provided instruments/gear include: Drum Kit, Bass/Guitar Amps, Keyboard, Cables, Microphones, Music Stands, and Chairs. Performers are responsible for providing all other gear.

Judging Criteria
1. Music: Clarity, Lyrics, Technical Skills, Overall Music Performance
2. Stage Presence: Audience Engagement, Well-Rehearsed
3. Originality: Unique Sound, Appearance

Given all of the above, are you in? *
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