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Ed tech survey
CPS has spent tens of millions on educational software and hardware over the last several years and established a new Department of Personalized Learning last fall. What do you know about how ed tech is being used in your child's school? What are your concerns?

(If you have children at multiple schools with very different approaches to/experiences with ed tech, it's fine to fill out the survey multiple times. We are hoping to generally gather information, but aren't expecting to be able to make quantitative inferences from it!)

We are also happy to hear about public school experiences outside of Chicago, but please indicate that your answers are for a non-CPS school by answering the question about "district" in the second section of the survey.

You can join us on Thursday Oct 26th at 7pm at Haas Park Fieldhouse in Logan Square for a public forum: The Promise and Pitfalls of Ed Tech: What Parents Need To Know. More info and RSVP here:

Questions? Comments? Email us at

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Do you have concerns about how ed tech is being used in your child's school?
If yes or maybe, what concerns do you have? If no, what are you happy about?
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What ed tech software is in use at your school?
Have you received any notification or consent forms, terms of service or privacy policies for the software or apps that your child is using?
Is your child expected to use these products at home?
If yes, how much time on average per week?
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How much time on average per week does your child spend using a computer, Chromebook, or iPad during the school day?
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Is your child's grade or school using a 1:1 program (one device per child)?
If yes, is the school providing the device?
Does your school/your child's teachers expect your child to have a smartphone to use for in-class activities?
Does your school/your child's teacher expect your child to have a laptop or tablet they can bring to school to use in class every day?
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