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1. Salzburger Donguri-CUP 2019
Schedule Saturday, November 30th 2019 – All competitions 10:00am – 06:00pm

Direction Shinsuke MURAKAMI (6.Dan Kendo), Kei FUNABIKI (6. Dan Kendo)

Organisation Kendo Salzburg Club

Location Volksschule Nonntal, Nonntaler Hauptstraße 3, 5020 Salzburg

Tournament costs: 15,-


Kihon Waza (Kihon waza with partner)

Mode: Pairs will show waza at the same time.
Pairs are made of the competitor and a partner (youth provided by the organizer)
Bogu and without bogu at the same time

Waza: Kirikaeshi, Men, Kote-Men, Kote-Do, Kote-Men-Do, Men
Categories: none
Restrictions: Until 10 years regardless of kendo experience
11 years until 17 years with max. 2 years of experience

Individual Shiai

Mode: san-bon shobu
fight time max. 3 minutes
Hantei in case of hikiwake during KO rounds
Pools, KO
Categories: Class 1 until 10 years or between 11 and 12 years with up to one year of experience
Class2: 11 years until 14 years
Class3: 14 years until 17 years with more than 2 - 5 years of experience

Team Shiai

Mode: teams of 3
san-bon shobu
fight time max. 3 minutes
summed up age of team must not be greater than 39
fight order youngest to oldest or based on kendo experience
Pools, KO
Categories: none

Registration Registration via
The registration is only valid when the fee has arrived at our bank account.

Deadline Saturday Nov. 23st 2019, 08:00pm

The organizer does not take any responsibility which is accepted with registration.

Inhaber: Kendo Salzburg
IBAN: AT84 1400 0571 1092 9503
Betreff Name Teilnehmer Donguri-Cup

Empfohlen für Übernachtung in Salzburg wird das JUFA Hotel Salzburg

We are looking forward to a successful tournament!

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