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The MESH Creative Confab brings together a diverse range of players in the creative industry, arts and innovation space to meet, explore and share and to harness synergies among them for individual, professional, organizational and above all national development. Sessions include Expo, Curated Talks, Portfolios, Workshops, Panel Discussions and Live Demos, especially curated to ensure maximum interaction among participants.

Target Group
participants and beneficiaries include a cross section of the Ghanaian Creative and Cultural industries (CCI) value chain including but not limited to the following:

1.Creative individuals and professionals such as the following:
artists, fashion designers, digital and graphic artists, illustrators, web designers, filmmakers, music artists, poets, writers etc.

2. Creative outfits Organizations, companies and startups that offer creative products and services such as the following
creative agencies, advertizing agencies, branding firms, PR firms, Educational institutions, Artist galleries, Interior design firms, Architecture firms

3. Organizations and outfits that target creatives such as the following:
Electronics dealers, Gadget dealers, Camera and equipment dealers, Print and publishing, Stationery, Art supplies, Computers and accessories

4. Creative and Cultural institutions such as the following
Ministry for Tourism, Culture and Creative arts, GHAMRO, Copy Ghana, Cultural departments of foreign missions

5. Individuals and organizations seeking creative products and services
creativity enthusiasts, seekers of creative inspiration, the general public

MESH Ghana is a not-for-profit organization that operates primarily on sponsorships and partnerships and we would be happy to work with brands and organizations that are interested in not only reaching our unique audience, but share in our core belief that 'creativity and innovation' is the new frontier for development. Please fill the form below to register your interest in working with us.

Sponsorship packages
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The sponsorship packages as described above only serve as guidelines for your decision making. However, we are open to customizing any of the packages to suit your needs based on negotiation and mutual understanding. We will get back to you within 10 days of registration of interest. Looking forward to shaping the future of Ghanaian Creativity with you.
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