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Postural Function Self Assessment
Please note -

You will not be able to save your progress part-way through and then return to complete this form at another point. It all needs to be completed in one go and it may take up to 30 mins to complete (if you choose to do all the tests - you don't need to).

This form is designed to highlight to you some of the areas in your body where mobility is limited (aka dysfunction is present). When a joint is stiff, another part of your body has to work too hard to compensate for the stiff joint. The areas of limited mobility will play a part in any aches and pains you have, but will often not hurt themselves (until asked to move in a way they are unaccustomed to moving).

This is not a fully comprehensive test as it's not walking you through each movement of each joint in the body, but it's testing some of the main movements I see my clients having difficulty with.

This form is not giving advice or a solution to any mobility issues you may discover. By submitting this form, you will not receive any advice or response from me, it's just for your own information as to which joints in your body need some improvement.

If you want help with solving any mobility or pain issues, please have a look at or send me an email at and I can send you information on the ways we can work together.

Please work within the limits of your body. You are undergoing these tests at your own risk. You must listen to your body - if anything is painful or uncomfortable, do not continue to do it (but make a note of it - this is telling you that you are dysfunctional in that particular movement).

Enjoy and good luck! I hope you learn something about yourself! Posture Ellie
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