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Dear Student,

To improve our service and conditions, we need your feedback. Please participate the Campus Climate Survey. It is composed of seven items that are designed to measure students’ perception about safety, bullying, and the stakeholders’ relationships among each other.
Each response option is assigned a weight ranging from 1 to 5. The five response options are
Strongly Disagree (1), Disagree (2), Neutral (3), Agree (4), and Strongly Agree (5).

Thank you for your participation.

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My campus is safe.
Bullying is not tolerated at my campus.
Staff members are responsive when I report bullying.
There is a teacher, counselor, or other staff member to whom I can go for help with my personal problems.
I am aware of the campus safety and security procedures.
Staff members treat me and others with respect.
Students treat each other with respect.
What do you like best about your school?
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