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GBOD Committee Application 2017
Dear Applicant,
The Greek Board of Directors is a student organization made up of leaders from Greek organizations at LSU. The purpose of the Greek Board of Directors is to ensure the welfare and continued growth of the Greek community. The Greek Board of Directors exists to unify Greek organizations through Greek wide programs.

Annually, the Greek Board of Directors sponsors EMPOWER, Greek Week, Songfest and Homecoming events while promoting the community through coordinated Public Relations efforts.

Below, you will find the requirements for potential committee members of GBOD as well as a brief description of the positions that will be filled. Below each committee description are specific committee positions to be applied for. Committees are composed of a representative group of Greek students who will be responsible for the planning and execution of their respective events.

Full-time student enrolled at LSU (12+ hours)
2.5 Cumulative GPA (2.0 in the preceding semester)
On active status and in good standing within your chapter
In good standing with Louisiana State University


Fundraising – The committee will work with the Fundraising Directors and the entire Greek Community to raise money for its annual Greek Week Habitat for Humanity build. Committee members will organize an extensive letter writing campaign and attract corporate sponsors to raise funds for the build. Members will also be required to enter all completed letters and donations into the Greek Life Database. We have set our fundraising efforts at $200,000 for the 2018 Habitat Build and will go above and beyond this goal!

·Letter Writing Party Chairs: These committee members will be responsible for organizing the Letter Writing Party supplies for each of the chapter visits. They also will help other committee members with presenting skills at the Letter Writing Parties while maintaining a high morale.

·Database and Point Chairs: These committee members will help manage chapter spreadsheets on the iDrive and lead training for the other committee members on how to enter letters and checks. They will also verify all the checks are entered correctly and organize batches for Habitat to pick up.

Public Relations – The committee will work with the Public Relations Directors to establish and maintain a positive image of the Greek community and relationships with local media outlets, LSU administration, and the Baton Rouge community. Members will promote and build awareness for Greek Board of Directors’ sponsored events and aid chapters in spreading the word about their individual events. Committee members are expected to be proficient in the following fields:
·Graphic Designer – the committee members are responsible for creating any social media content, including graphics, fliers, Snapchat filters, and other advertisements for all GBOD events

·Writer – the committee members are responsible for writing and sending press releases to local media outlets both on and off campus

·Photographer/Video Editor – the committee members may also be responsible for creating promotional videos for GBOD events

·Banner painting – the committee members will also be painting banners for homecoming, Greek Week, and Empower

Applicants for PR committee are expected to submit a PR portfolio to of at least 3 items. Failure to submit a portfolio may not be considered for the committee.

Greek Week-

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Spring 2017 GPA
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Graduation Date
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1. List all activities in which you participated, offices held and committees on which you served within your individual Greek chapter.
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2. List membership in all LSU student organizations, including positions held. If you were not, or are not an officer, write “member.”
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3. If currently employed, please provide your employer information as well as a brief description of duties required and work schedule.
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4. Why do you want to be involved with the Greek Board of Directors?
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