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UCT Humanities Orientation 2019
• Please ONLY fill in this form if you have received a conditional or firm offer of a place in Humanities in 2019.
• Students in all undergraduate programmes in the faculty should sign up for one of the two programmes. Performing/Creative Arts students (Music, Dance, Drama, Fine Art) will attend the first two and a half days of the general orientation, and then go to their own orientation on their satellite campuses.
• The orientation programme runs over four days (Monday to Thursday or Tuesday to Friday) and is run twice in order to accommodate everyone. The first running of the programme is generally for local students, as it takes place before residences open. Once it is full it will be closed, and the remaining local students will need to attend Programme 2.
• Once you have signed up and submitted the form, you will be sent an email confirmation which will give you additional information about the programme.
• If you do not receive the email, which will be sent to the address you specified on the form, please (a) check your spam filter, and (b) check that you typed your email address correctly. If you made an error in the address you can re-enter the form to correct and re-submit it.
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Please click to indicate which programme you wish to attend. NOTE: Programme 1 is now full and has been closed, you will need to attend Programme 2. *
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