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ISSS Certification (BioMEMS)
Bio-MEMS is an abbreviation for biomedical (or biological) microelectromechanical systems.This learning module explains what “BioMEMS” are and how they are used today in different fields. An activity provides the opportunity to reinforce the importance of BioMEMS, where they are used, and the endless possibilities of future BioMEMS devices

This course is designed with the aim of educating students in micro-electro-mechanical systems and its use for fabricating sensors and systems for biology/medicine. Students will have exposure towards how to fabricate the sensors and its application in the real world. Modern-day microsensors and microactuators will be taught. The students will have an idea about how to simulate some of those sensors and characterize before fabricating it.

Course Period: July 1 to July 7th
Venue:Department of Electronic Systems Engineering, IISc
Course Instructor: Prof. Hardik Pandya, Assistant Professor, Division of EECS, IISc
Maximum strength: 50 participants

course objectives
1. The first objective of the course is to understand the basics of sensors, actuators and their operating principle.
2. The second objective is to educate the students on different types of microfabrication techniques for designing and developing sensors (design, simulation, and fabrication).
3. The third objective is to explain the working of various types of electrochemical sensors and actuators.
4. The fourth objective of this course is to understand cancer and its properties: Breast Cancer and Oral Cancer
5. The fifth objective is to develop skills to integrate biochips with electronic system for cancer diagnosis
6. The final objective is to understand how to work in a non-conventional Class 10000 clean room environment and understand several equipment including but not limited to the laminar flow hoods, CO2 incubator, Microscopes, autoclave, peristaltic pump, etc.

The course fee is not refundable unless the organizers decide not to conduct the course due to some unavoidable reasons
Course Fee
Students: Rs 4000
Others: Rs. 5000
* As a special discount for ISSS members 50% discount

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