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Career Interest Survey 2018-19
Please select "yes" for all career areas you are interested in:
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Health Care (examples: nurse, physician, medical assistant, dental hygienist, etc.)
Education (examples: teacher, administrator, special education, higher education, etc.)
Social Services (examples: counselor, social worker, substance abuse counselor, family services advocate, etc.)
Arts (examples: photographer, illustrator, animator, graphic designer, etc.)
Skilled Trades (examples: electrician, welder, plumber, carpenter, etc.)
Business (examples: sales representative, human resources, marketing coordinator, operations research, management, etc.)
Finance (examples: financial analyst, trader, portfolio manager, etc.)
Communications (examples: public relations, advertising, journalist, hospitality communications, etc.)
Architecture (examples: urban planner, landscape architect, restoration architect, etc.)
Engineering (examples: civil, mechanical, chemical, electrical, etc.)
Science (examples: chemist, biomedical scientist, clinical psychologist, DNR, forestry, etc.)
Hospitality & Tourism (examples: travel agent, hotel manager, event and conference manager, etc.)
Law & Law Enforcement (examples: police officer, lawyer, probation officer, judge, etc.)
Please list additional career choices not listed:
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