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Diaper Train Delivery Transport
Food Not Bombs Raleigh is partnering with the Diaper Train to increase the reach and impact of the important support work they offer to the community. This form is to request Diapers for contact-less delivery via the Food Not Bombs Volunteer Community. We are only able to honor delivery requests within a 20 mile radius of downtown Raleigh though Wake County residents outside that range can pick up diapers at our weekly Saturday distributions and we'll contact you to let you know when to come. 

Because we work through the Diaper Train, we need to follow their rules as follows: 
1) This program is only open to Wake County residents
2 ) The amount of Diapers is determined on a sliding scale by the Diaper Train organized by the age of the child (for numbers check our website link below), and we are only able to deliver these items once a month per their stipulations. We are also not allowed to supplement with additional diapers as of 2/21/2023 - we've asked. If you request more than once in a calendar month, we will contact you to see which one is accurate but if we don't hear from you we'll have to choose one. 
3 ) We are not allowed to provide diapers to people who are receiving diaper assistance from other programs for any reason
4 ) We are not able to submit more than once a month so if you submit the form late, you won't receive diapers that month.
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this might cause.

You can check for status updates and answers to any questions you might have at our diaper delivery website page: 

If you have any questions, please email us at 
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Do you understand that we are only allowed to provide diapers through this program to Wake County residents? *
Do you understand that we are only allowed to provide diapers to families who are not receiving diaper assistance from anywhere else as of 2/21/2023?  *
Do you understand that you will be asked to fill out a survey after your diapers are delivered, via the requirements of the Diaper Train?  *
Do you understand that we can only deliver requests within 20 miles of downtown Raleigh and if you are outside that range you will have to pick them up yourself from Moore Square upon being contacted that your delivery is ready?  *
Diaper train only supplies a certain number of each size of diaper every month and lately we've been bumping against that number specifically in sizes 4, 3t/4t pullups, 4t/5t pullups, and S/M pullups. From now on, sign ups are first come first serve for all sizes and if you sign up after the size is out you are not able to get diapers from us that month in that size.

We have a question at the very end of the form asking for alternate sizes. Please use your preferred, first choice sizes filling out all other questions on the form.
What is the name you would like associated with this order? *
What is the best way to contact you? Phone number preferred
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Phone number or email address *
What address would you like the diapers delivered to? Please include apartment number if appropriate, and any delivery instructions.
If you do not have an address or would prefer not to say you may answer "Moore Square" and pick up your diapers at our distributions 3-5 PM Saturdays at Moore Square. We will contact you when they are available. 
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If you're having them delivered, please write your zip code and city below (it's how we assign delivery drivers).
If you're picking them up, please select "Moore Square Pick Up"
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