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STRONG(her) 360 Program
Welcome to the 5-week Pregnancy/Postpartum STRONG(her) 360 program! This is not your typical "Mommy workout!" You will be taught all the tools you need to maintain intrinsic core strength & stability while pregnant and also heal and repair postpartum. This should be your first stop in order to relearn how to function properly & regain strength postpartum. You will be coached and taught by professionals certified in helping the pregnant and postpartum woman! Our team is comprised of a Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism Coach, two Women's Health Physical Therapists, and a Maternal Mental Health Coach. We are all here to help, encourage, and support you wherever you are in your motherhood journey!

Classes will be held at Bloc- 2400 Park Rd. Suite A

We will move through 5 classes using the following plan:
Phase 1: Learn
Phase 2: Control
Phase 3: Load

We have so much information to share with you all that will help you so much on your healthy lifestyle journey. Whether you were/are an athlete or have never worked out before, this is for you. Whether your baby is 2 months old or 20 years old, this program is for you. POSTPARTUM IS FOREVER! We'd love to help.

Click on the level option you wish to participate in. STRONG(her) 360 is a program that focuses on the WHOLE you which is why we have a Maternal Mental Health Coach with us providing a safe space for discussions after each class. Our Women's Health PTs will give you a TON of information about what is happening with your body and how we can help you heal. You will also have access to an app with exercises you can do on your own in between sessions! We cover Pelvic Floor function and dysfunction; core rebuild; balance and stability; mobility and movement screens; piston breathing; glute activation; and much more! Once you've completed level one, let's take it up a notch and use the basics learned and put them in workouts! Level 2 is where we safely gain strength and get a sweaty in full body workouts!

Take this time for yourself. STRONG(her) 360 should be the first step on your journey to health and wellness while pregnant or postpartum. Join our community of amazing Moms!

Choose which program you'd like to be a part of below and we can't wait to see you on November 3rd!
*Babies/kids are always welcome!

$175 for the full 5 session program plus guest presenters & free app workouts to do on your own in between sessions! Sign up with a Mom friend for $25 off each! If you're riding solo, sign up before Friday, October 25th and get $25 off!
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