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Would you take a 101 course at Conspiracy College? *
Have you watched the movie JFK? *
Would you open up your business even under threat of arrests? *
If you can't beat them... *
I trust the major news networks to tell me what is best for my health *
When in doubt believe Anderson Cooper *
I support manufactured consent?
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Who is Bill Gates? *
What did the documentary "the great culling" cover? *
Do you tend to enjoy watching the major news networks?
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Are conspiracies that contradict mainstream news worth looking into? *
Do you believe the mainstream media about Covid19? *
Is knowing the truth important for everyday life? *
Are you affected by COVID19? *
Has Covid19 directly physically damaged someone you know? *
Would you get Bill Gate's vaccine if it was necessary to go back to work? *
Who is Seth Rich? *
Why would George W Bush claim there were WMDs when there were not? *
Who is older, Henry Kissenger or George Soros? *
What was Jeffery Epstein knowingly doing? *
Why did we take out Saddam Hussein after Osama Bin Laden claimed responsibility for 9/11? *
What caused the fall of building 7 during 9/11? *
Who owns the Federal Reserve? *
Can inflation be used to steal money from the public? *
The Federal Reserve ... *
President Eisenhower warned us about the Military Industrial Complex. What is that? *
What is an Economic Hitman? *
What happened during the Arab Spring? *
Why did we go to war with Vietnam? *
What is the Gulf of Tonkin Incident? *
What is a false flag attack? *
Who owns 90% of all media companies? *
Has the CIA been involved in the media to convince the public of certain viewpoints? *
What happened to that GMO company Monsento? *
What would you do if the government started putting people in quarantine camps if they tested positive? *
Who do you get the news from? *
Which vaccine did the documentary "Vaxxed" find disturbing conclusive data on *
What is Cern? *
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