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Small Animal Medical History Questionnaire
This form should be filled out prior to your appointment and either saved and emailed to Dr. Weidenkopf ( for her review prior to your appointment or printed out and brought to your appointment. Provide as much information as you can. This will save time during your appointment and allow Dr. Weidenkopf to fully focus on the patient.
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7062 Craig Lane Sun Prairie WI 53590 Address
5/8 Pug, 1/8 Rat Terrier, 1/8 Jack Russell and 1/8 Springer Spaniel  Born1 August 2018  Wt.21lbs
Windigo has never had a treat mat, but would likely enjoy it. He will be nervous but excited to meet youl
  I wish Windigo would not be sad when I'm not with him. 
  I've tried having people he knows stay with him when I'm not home, but he ignores them and is still sad
 Windigo had mange when 3 months old and a wart on his head removed June 2022 
May 2022 IDEXX-Fecal Float   Bordetella/Parainfluenza I.N.vaccine  
June 2021DAP-3yr Distemper Combo   Leptospirosis
May 2021 Neutered
December 2018 3yr Rabies vaccine
last fecal exam May, 2022
NexGuard monthly
Heartguard last given October 2022
Last dental procedure and date
Windigo chews the best he can, as his underbite is about 1inch
No dental work
Windigo eats twice a day. At each meal, he has a little less than 1/4 C.of kibble, Stella and Chewy's Beef with Ancient Grains. He also has about 1T butternut squash and 1T cooked chicken. Once a day, Windigo enjoys a grain free Dental Chew from Whole Foods. Twice daily, Windi has 1 No Scoot plus pumpkin soft chew. For treats, he has Plato Thinkers real sticks Chicken Recipe, real strips Turkey with Cranberry, Mrs. Beasties biskits and Polka Dog Henny Penny and 100% Chicken bisquits. On occasion, I give him a No Hide treat bone.
Windigo has an excited appetite and I think if he had unrestricted access to food, he would eat a tremendous amount. The portions I allow him keeps his weight at about 21.5 lbs, which seems to be good for him.
A good weight for Windigo seems to be 21.5 lbs. He is currently about 22.5, as it's Winter and we seldom go to the dog park.
Windigo almost always drinks after meals and snacks and occasionally throughout the day.
Windigo's morning poop is firm. If he goes again in the afternoon, it is softer. Windi has had flatulence only once, after eating a treat of 100%  raw rabbit.

Windigo has No Scoot twice daily, he's never shown an issue with his anal glands. 
Do you have any issues with litter box usage? Are there other cats in the household and  how many? How many litter boxes do you have and where are they located? Are the boxes covered or automatically cleaned?
What type of cat litter do you use? (clumping, scented or unscented, clay, paper, etc) Does the cat use the boxes consistently? How often are the boxes cleaned?

Windigo does not seem to have breathing issues, despite his short nose.  
No issue with watery eyes
No observed issue with his eyes
Windigo has not have any issue with his ears, but recently, I've noticed they smell a little yeasty.
No known coat issues. Windi bathes about every 3 weeks in the summer, less often in Winter
I trim Windigo's nails and have difficulty getting them as short as I think they should be. It's hard to see the quick and twice I've cut a nail too short and it bled and hurt him.
I brought Windigo home when he was 9 weeks plus 2 days old. He did not want to come with me, ran away from me when we went into my house and would not eat for 3 days. He did allow me to give him water through an eye dropper.
Windigo usually does not travel well. If we are heading to the dog park, he can be frantic and whiny, because he is excited. If he doesn't know where we are going, he gets very frantic when the car is traveling at a low speed, I think he is afraid of being left in the car. If we are traveling to my daughter's house over 2 hours away, he knows where we are going and is great in the car, unless I have to stop for gas. 
Windigo is the only animal in the home. He roams free and has Never been destructive. Before he was potty trained he was gated in the kitchen/dining room area. Windi was easy to train and has a fenced in backyard and we walk 2-3 times a day.
Our cat passed away about 2 years ago. Windigo usually got along fine with her, they would sometimes sleep in the same bed. Sometimes Windi played too rough with the cat, which was elderly. 
Windigo wants to greet everyone on the street, but I seldom allow him to. I have not been able to keep him from jumping on people. If we have visitors in the house, Windi does not want them to leave. When they go to the door, he becomes very vocal and jumps on them in an extremely intense manner.
Windigo is generally a quiet pup. He gets vocal when his food is being prepared and after I leave home, he sits on my bed, looks out the window and howls
Windi is not aggressive, but definitely gets over excited when people come to visit, or a delivery truck goes by. He will also jump on the glass doors when squirrels when squirrels go by.
Windigo sleeps in bed with me. He is extremely happy and affectionate when he wakes up.
I can sometimes tell when he is dreaming, if Windigo sounds upset, I'll wake him up and reassure him.
Windigo's energy level is usually appropriate to what I expect. Calm at home, up for a walk when given the opportunity and able to enjoy the dog park for 2 hours without appearing fatigued.
Windigo asks me to play when I'm finished with my coffee in the morning. He likes to retrieve a stuffed animal and then play keep a way until I get it from him and throw it again. Windi loves to play at the dog park, his favorite game is to get big dogs to chase him, then run between my legs for saftey.
Windi enjoys learning, as there is a treat involved.
Windi sometimes hears something that frightens him, but I don't always hear it, his hearing is better than mine.
Windigo is Very uncomfortable having his forehead touched, having a halter or sweater put on him. If I leave his halter on when he is in the house, Windi thinks he is to tall to get under a chair or table. 
Windigo likes shade in Summer and enjoys lying by heating vents in Winter
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