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PCCFFAP Hardship Fund Application
Your Union, PCCFFAP, established this Hardship Fund to assist members who are experiencing financial difficulties. All members are eligible to apply for up to $250 each cycle. After approval, the funds will either be directly sent to the member or be applied to a bill (for example, Northwest Natural Gas). This application will be confidential and personal details will only be accessible to the PCCFFAP staff administrator.

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I certify that I am employed by Portland Community College and I am a member of the Federation of Faculty and Academic Professionals (FFAP) employee (Local 2277). Note: Part-time faculty are considered employed by PCC and member of FFAP for three quarters after teaching their last class. *
Email Address (non-PCC email is suggested, but not required) *
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Describe the circumstances regarding your need for financial assistance. *
How much money are you seeking? (up to $250) *
Do you have any supporting documentation (for example, a late electric bill or auto repairs or unpaid medical bills)? *
If yes, please send your documents to Be sure to include your name if it isn’t on the uploaded documents.
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