2019 QLD Minors Billiards Championship
2019 QLD Minors Billiards Championship
Date: Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st July 2019
Entry fee: $50 adults, $25 juniors as of 1/1/2019
Venue: Redlands Services Club. 8 Passage Street, Cleveland
Entries close : Midnight Monday 15th July 2019

Tournament Director: Garvin Gray 0422 993 062 or secretary@qbsa.com.au

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Conditions of Entry:
1. The tournament will be conducted under Australian Billiards and Snooker Council Playing Conditions, and all matters pertaining to Players' Code of Conduct will be adhered to.
2. Tournament standard dress is required (Long sleeve plain coloured shirts buttoned at the wrist, bow or long tie, dark coloured trousers and dark coloured dress shoes must be worn for all games. Waistcosts are required from Quarter Finals onwards). Failure to comply with this condition will result in forfeiture of the match.
3. Entry is only open to both males and females who are Associate Members (Registered Player) with the QB & SA and who have not won A. an Australian, B. an Australian State Affiliate or C. Queensland - Billiards Major or Minor Championship. (Ladies and juniors who have won their respective State or National Championships may enter.)
4. The format of the Tournament will be determined by the Tournament Committee after all entries have been received. Unless otherwise determined, the Tournament will commence 9 am each day.
5. Entries will only be received on the official entry form and must include the entry fee. A completed entry form and entry fee will be required before any player is included in the draw.
6. Referees will be provided by the Queensland Billiards and Snooker Association.
7. All players are to report to the Tournament Director 15 minutes before their scheduled starting time, and are to be ready to play at this time. Any player not in attendance at the scheduled starting time will be penalised as per the tournament directors discretion. After another 15 minutes has elapsed, the absent player will forfeit the game. This also applies to players not correctly attired at the game starting time.
8. A player who gives a walkover in a knockout match, without the prior approval or exceptional circumstances by the tournament director, will forfeit their right to any prize money.
9. This entry form constitutes part of the conditions of entry. Changes may be made at the discretion of the Tournament Director.
10. Prize Money: 1st: $300, Runner-up $150, Losing Semi Finalists- $75 each. High Break $50 - for a field of 16, adjusted.
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