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CCBookstore Special Order Form
Fill this form out to order a book that we do not have in stock or do not carry in our bookstore. We offer approximately 20% discount on most items, but special orders may not be discounted and the price may include shipping.
What is your name? *
If you don't want us to hold the item for you, just write in, don't hold.
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What is your phone number? *
If you don't leave a phone number, I can't call you to tell you when your order is here. If you're okay with that, type 0 in the box.
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What is your email address?
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What is the title of the book that you want?
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Who is the author of the book that you want?
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If you don't know both the title and the author, can you describe what you want?
Example: I want an NKJV Study Bible with Red letters for the words of Jesus and large print.If you want something other than a book, then describe what you are looking for in this box.
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Do you want to be contacted before I order the book for you? *
Contacting you may delay the ordering process by a day, but if I don't contact you, I'm assuming you'll buy the book at whatever cost I find.
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