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TNR Assistance Request Form

Thank you for inquiring about TNR services provided by North Bergen Purr!  Trap – Neuter – Return (TNR) is a humane way to reduce the feral/stray cat population by preventing unwanted breeding. TNR also reduces fighting between male cats, spraying, yowling, etc.

North Bergen Purr is an all-volunteer group, with no paid staff at all. We don’t expect you to be able to do this work alone, but we can’t either: we need active partners in the neighborhood to help make this manageable and sustainable, because this truly is a community effort. Everyone can help in some way - Trap, Foster, Transport, Donate, etc.

Be aware: TNR is not a way to get rid of feral cats! TNR helps feral cats live in harmony with their human neighbors but it will not remove them from your community. We do our best to prevent friendly cats and/or kittens from returning to the street, but any cats that are beyond our capabilities of socializing will be returned where they were trapped once they are fixed.

If you do not hear from us within a week of submitting this form, please e-mail us directly at

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The cost for TNR per cat is $80 per cat at People for Animals in Hillside and $98 at Twin Oaks in Teaneck. How can you assist financially? *
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