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SoSC 2017 Applications
Hello! We assume you are here because you would like to apply to attend Science on Stage Canada, a festival that celebrates and encourages best practices of educators involved in learning science & technology. In 2017 SoSC will be held at McGill University, MacDonald Campus in Montreal, QC August 10-13. More information can be found here:

There are two 'categories' of participants to the festival:
A participant is an educator who has activities with learners K-20 or works with the public and who are successful I the field to share at the festival.
An observer is a visiting representative of a sponsor, a research institute, a government department and enterprise, an association, or management staff from a school.

Please recognize that this is an application process and someone will be in contact with you soon after you submit this application. If you have questions or would like to discuss this please contact

All information collected here is held confidentially by Science on Stage Canada.

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