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LitCon Survey
Please fill out as much as you can. The more responses we get, the better we can make LitCon in the years to come!
Would you attend LitCon again?
How much fun did you have?
No fun at all
I had a blast!
Please rate the layout of LitCon events.
Confusing / hard to find events
No trouble knowing where things were
Was it a hassle to go back and forth between the library and community center?
What was your favorite part about LitCon?
Please rate the registration process.
Confusing and time-consuming
Easy and painless
Would you like to see pre-registration?
What should we bring back next year? Check all that apply.
What should we add for next year?
Your answer
Please rate the swag bags.
Not worth the hassle
Super awesome! Please do this again next year!
Was it difficult to find information about LitCon?
Very difficult
Not difficult at all
How did you hear about LitCon? Check all that apply.
Where should we advertise LitCon?
Your answer
Pick the best response regarding our contests and prizes:
Should we organize group games during LitCon?
Did you attend any pre-LitCon events? Check all that apply.
Was it difficult to find a staff member or volunteer ? (If needed)
Please select your age group (and others in your group, if applicable).
Did you purchase food from our food vendors during LitCon?
Would you like to see changes regarding food vendors?
Do you have food vendor suggestions?
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Did you purchase items from a vendor or author in the Vendor Lounge?
Rate the Vendor Lounge
Who or what else would you like to see in the Vendor Lounge?
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Is the second weekend in November a good time for LitCon?
Please provide additional comments or suggestions here:
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