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eDECA Analysis and Evaluation Intake Form
Thank you for your interest in data analysis and evaluation offered by the Devereux Center for Resilient Children. We provide a variety of analysis and reporting services to support eDECA users.

To help users gain insight into how their program's DECA scores have changed over the year, we have developed a standard pretest-posttest analysis and reporting package which can be customized to fit your program's needs. This package allows users to interpret changes at the child level and at the classroom or program level. It includes:

1. Descriptive examination of DECA data at both pre and posttest:
•Mean T-scores for all DECA scales and Total Protective Factors (TPF)
•Graphs depicting percentage of children in the Strength, Typical, and Need ranges on all DECA scales and Total Protective Factor score

2. Examination of change in DECA scores from pre to posttest:
•Statistically significant change over time in mean T-scores on all DECA scales and Total Protective Factor score
•Descriptive change in T-scores over time, including the percentage of children showing small, medium, or large change in T-score
•Graphs to illustrate findings

In addition to this package, we also offer analysis and reporting for other data collection periods.

The cost for data analysis services varies based on the amount of data that will be analyzed as well as the number of different analyses requested. In order to provide a cost proposal for this service, please answer the following questions to help us learn a bit more about your program's evaluation needs. If you have any questions while completing this form, please contact Alyssa Ciarlante at (704) 644-8055 or at To see a sample report, please click here:
Are you interested in a pretest-posttest analysis, or are you interested in another data analysis service (for example, an analysis of pretest data only)?
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If you selected "another data analysis service," please describe what type of analysis you are interested in.
At what level(s) would you like the data to be aggregated?
If you are interested in site-level results, please indicate how many sites will be included.
If you are interested in classroom-level results, please indicate how many classrooms will be included.
Does your data include teacher raters, parent raters, or both?
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Does your data include midpoint data?
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Would you like infant, toddler, and/or preschool data to be aggregated, or would you like these groups to be analyzed individually?
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Will the analysis include multiple years of data?
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If you selected "multiple years of data," please indicate how many years will be included.
Results from the analysis can be written up in a number of ways. Please select the option(s) that will best fit your needs.
What is your deadline for the deliverable? If you do not have a specific deadline, please indicate a general timeline for delivery.
Please feel free to offer any additional information that will allow us to best tailor the deliverable to your program's needs (such as, how you intend to use the report, etc.).
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