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Rutgers Hillel Leadership Engagement And Development Fellows Application 2017-2018
Welcome to the Engagement Fellowship application for the 2017-2018 academic year. Please allow yourself ample time to complete this application, and note that you will not be able to save your work along the way.

Please note that there will be 3 short essay questions. We recommend reading through all the questions and completing the answers in a word document and pasting them in after you have put some time into your responses (we don't want you accidentally lose your work).

In addition to this application, please make sure to e-mail Rabbi Esther Reed, Senior Associate Director (

1. Your Resume: Your resume must be in a Word or text format. Be sure to include addresses, employment, activities in which you have participated, volunteer involvement, leadership positions you have held and honors or awards you may have received.

2. Your Unofficial Transcript: An unofficial copy of your university transcript must be in a Word, text or PDF format. We do not need official copies of your transcript and please do not send a hard copy.


Please complete the following basic info:
First Name: *
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Last Name: *
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Permanent Address: *
Line 1
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Permanent Address:
Line 2
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City: *
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State: *
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Zip: *
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Cell phone #: *
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Email: *
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Where will you be living next year? *
Please include as much info as you know - exact dorm/apartment, campus, or "Don't Know"
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Getting to know you...
What is your major? *
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Graduation Year: *
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Are you involved with any student groups or activities on campus? *
If so, which? Please list any leadership roles.
Part of this internship involves reaching out to your existing networks on campus - please list the communities, networks, or groups you are involved with or connected to.
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Are you planning to be on campus for the full 2017-2018 academic year? *
Do you have a GPA of 3.0 or higher? *
*If this is an issue, please speak to Rabbi Reed directly (
Are you available and willing to attend summer training, Hillel's Engagement Institute, from August 2nd-6th, in St. Louis (transportation, room and meals are covered)? *
Hillel/Jewish Experience
Are you currently Birthright eligible? *
Are you a Birthright alum? *
Have you participated in a Hillel or other Jewish Alternative Break trip? *
Part of this fellowship involves building a community that you will engage throughout the year (either by yourself or in partnership with other interns). Please share, briefly, something you are passionate about and would like to work on next year. *If you're not sure, you can list some possible ideas to explore further. *
Past communities include: Jewish Greek Network, Jewish Mentoring Initiative, Russian Jewish Club, Jewish Artist & Activist community, small Shabbat dinners for first year students, etc.
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Rutgers Hillel strives to be the Center for Jewish Life on Campus and we are always looking to improve our program. What is something we are currently doing that we could be doing better? -OR- What/who are we missing? *
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Short Essays
What is the most creative project you’ve taken on or accomplished? What sparked this idea? What made it creative? Was it successful? Why or why not? What did you learn from the experience? (300 words maximum) *
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The focus of this Internship is building relationships with uninvolved Jewish students and connecting them to Jewish life. With this in mind, describe a time you reached out and built a relationship with someone new. How did you approach them? What was the experience like? What, if anything, was challenging? What did you learn about them that you would not have known otherwise? How did you continue to develop the relationship after the initial meeting? (300 words maximum) *
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We’ve all had significant conversations – the kinds that keep us up late at night talking in our dining halls and dorm rooms and remain with us long afterwards. Describe a significant conversation that you’ve recently had or one that has been particularly relevant to your life. (300 words maximum) *
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