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Petition Letter to make Wesleyan a Sanctuary Campus

We acknowledge that the term “sanctuary” can be misleading. We want to clarify that we understand that as people who are undocumented in the U.S. these students already are not “safe” in this country and never will be. “Safety” is not something that people who are part of marginalized communities will ever fully have access to in this country; however, that does not mean that we should not strive for a safer environment. If we truly want to strive for equity and inclusion on this campus we must demonstrate it by committing to the steps outlined below.

Dear President Roth,

We, concerned, angry, and fearful members of the Wesleyan community demand that you make our campus a Sanctuary Campus for students, faculty, and staff of marginalized groups and their families. Since Wesleyan has made a commitment to create an equitable and inclusive campus, it must live up to that promise and become a Sanctuary Campus not only for Wesleyan students, but also for their families and members of the Middletown community.

We as a community must acknowledge that there are currently undocumented students, and/or students who have undocumented family members on this campus. These students are fearful for the future because President Elect Trump has proposed to deport about 2-3 million people that currently reside in the U.S without papers. Members of our community are currently experiencing emotional and mental exhaustion while trying to continue to attend classes and pretend that everything is okay--it is not! We must not normalize what is currently happening in this country.

Last spring you announced an initiative to bring more Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) students to campus in the fall of 2017 and treat them as U.S. citizens within the application pool and admission process as opposed to international students. We, as a community must acknowledge the challenges that DACA students face at institutions of higher education and support them by any means possible. Especially now that under a Trump presidency DACA, at a national level, may be repealed.

We envision a sanctuary campus to look like something that provides the following:

Legal resources:

o We demand that as the president of the University you take the initiative to bring legal experts, and/or immigration activist/advocates to this campus, so that they can provide legal counseling to undocumented students, students with undocumented family members and the Middletown community. We also demand that you commit to grant the funds necessary for students, faculty or staff that may currently be trying to take an initiative to bring these resources to our campus.

Mental and Emotional Resources → CAPS:

o We demand for the administration to rethink of the ways that CAPS is handled on this campus, especially given the current moment.
Being told to just take a few deep breaths and practice mindfulness does not solve issues for students who may fear the imminent or possible deportation of their families or themselves. We need staff that are experienced with dealing with issues of social justice and understand the problems that marginalized students, especially undocumented students face. We need people that can provide real support and advice.
o We demand that the search for an APRN be the University’s utmost priority. It is NOVEMBER we are more than halfway done with this semester, yet still do not have an prescriber in CAPS. Many students do not have the time or the mental energy to look for an APRN off campus. This issue is exacerbated by the fact that few, if any APRNs in Middletown are taking new patients because of the influx of students in need. We are tired and exhausted. How are we supposed to make time to go to an APRN off campus, when we sometimes barely have time to do all our assignments? With the a Trump presidency almost surely a reality, this method is also ineffective because there are students who are fearful about what the future of their healthcare will look like and whether they will still have health care.
We demand that Resolution 3.38 as passed by the Wesleyan Student Assembly be taken seriously by the University and that at least one of the proposed therapists be a therapist of color who has training in issues of social justice.

Monetary Resources:

o If students do not have access to Medicaid due to documentation and cannot afford to pay for school insurance they should be given a scholarship to pay for it.
o Students should be given resources or assistance to find resources to pay for their DACA application or applications for other forms of relief like legal residency, visas or Temporary Protected Status (TPS).
o We demand that you make the commitment to ensure that undocumented students and other marginalized students on this campus will have access to free or affordable forms of all contraceptives.
In the event that students’ financial aid is affected because of new federal regulations prohibiting the use of federal funds for affirmative action purposes, we demand that the University make up for the resulting need.


o We demand that for the safety of students, the University provides over-break housing for students who do not wish to return home during breaks due to fear of mental, emotional, or physical strife.

Make the commitment to make this an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) free campus!

We understand that there are other groups that require a sanctuary. We also understand that this petition is not representative of all groups that will be affected by a Trump presidency, a Republican dominated congress and most likely a Republican dominated Supreme Court. However, we did not want to speak on behalf of other communities. We see this document as a foundation for a sanctuary campus that can be adapted to the demands and needs of other groups.

Points of Contact:

Tomás Rogel
Michael Montoya
Paige Hutton
Aleyda Robles

Signatures of Support:

Aleyda Robles
Paige Hutton
Michael Montoya
Tomás Rogel
Arron Luo
Yoshiko Samuel
Aaron Izakowitz
Katie Lowen
Ruby-Beth Buitekant 09
Maida Barbour
Alex Fabry
Nethra Pullela
Oren Maximov
Muni S. Rahman
Adrianna Brown
Lisle Winston
Sammi Aibinder
Xhonia Robinson
Gad Licht
Nikita Rajgopal
Kati Young
Benjamin Jacobs
Kathryn Gillespie
Lily Wittrock
Cashman Kerr Prince
Mary Gonzalez
Nadja Shannon-Dabek
Madeline Trimble
Anna Denton
Dennis Kraus
Ava Biery
Paula Tartell
Willa Nielsen
Keith Wittenberg
Michael Sheldon
Brianne Wiemann
Elise Herrig
Rose Shuker-Hained
Belén Rodríguez
Elizaveta Kravchenko
Sarah Mininsohn
Tanaya Srini
Brenda Castaneda
Megan Bartlett
Emma Sherman
Sawyer Tennant
Erica Beade
Eloise Seda
Rachel Schwartz
Hope Fourie
Gedney Barclay
Eli Spector
Julia Fram
Laura Patey
Misha Iakovenko
Alexi Jones
Katelin da Cruz
Kate Longley-Wood
Julia Natt
Eki Ramadhan
Devon Golaszewski
Faizan Razak
Fiona McLeod
Lillian Holman
Daniel Sullivan
Vina Vo
Gina A Ulysse
Anne Lodick
Danielle Mahones
Stephanie Huezo
Lauren Javaly
Aviva Tevah
Caitlin O'Keeffe
Lila Becker
Brooke Anderson
Rebecca Koppel
Trisha Arora
Lily Sperry
Xavier Cornejo
Billy Brooks
Ruby Lanet
Ruby Stardrum
Rachel Waugh
Edward Aubry
David Moskowitz
Sofi Goode
Ruth Walshe
Antoinette Stacey Kruckel
Livia Wallick
Jacqueline Manginelli
Nathaniel Barton
Ona Lepeska-True
Matilda Ostow
Nina Gurak
Penina Kessler
Steven Susaña-Castillo
Bulaong Ramiz-Hall
Melissa Joskow
Makaela Kingsley
Jose Chapa
Joella Adia Chao Jones
Alex Lee
Jacob Karlin
Aurora McGuckin
Lucia Bernardo
Noah Baerman
elizabeth kaplan
Daniel Nass
Zachary Turner
Nina Stender
Miranda Haymon
Alexis (Handwerker) Heller
Lauren Morse
Sole Anatrone
Anne Calder
Charlotte Pitts
Lucy Britt
Wy Ming Lin
Michelle Fisher
Mickey Capper
Julia Lejeune
Polina Mamut
America Morales
Esmé Stern
Irene Bright-Dumm
Aldair Vivar
Miranda Katz
Nina Karnovsky
Alton Wang
Claire Brady
Justin Braman
Sophie Karolczak
Kai Blatt
Henry Prine
Danny Blinderman
Emily Fabrizio-Stover
Hannah Birnbaum
Max Owen-Dunow
Robert Kanjo
Lili Kadets
Zach Do
Susan Nathan
Rafael Reyes Orona
John Henry Vansant
Melanie Nevin
Kirby Sokolow
Rachel Yanover
Greg Goldberg
Maya Karp
Isabella Vitti
Katrina Smith-Mannschott
Saadia Naeem
William Iselin
Rachele Merliss
Eric Stephen
Sophia Shoulson
Jenna Shapiro
Carolyn Dundes
Amelie Clemot
Max Friedlich
Lia Monti
Jeff Harman
Patricia M. Rodriguez Mosquera
Margot Weiss
Martha Tenney
Diana Schwartz
Carolyn Lipp
Elizabeth Damaskos
Dreisen Heath
Ian Foster
Luke Forsthoefel
Casey Hellman
Jaime Maseda
Devonaire Ortiz
Isobel McPhee
Jesse Cohen
Aliya Shecter
Megan Diamondstein
Joanna Schiffman
Shana Laski
emma fuller-monk
Ryan Keeth
Virginia Nelligan Cogoan
Chloe Holden
Christene DeJong
Erin Lane
Sonya Sternlieb
Fiona Grishaw-Jones
Any Sharma
Eliza Wilkins
Katie Shewfelt
Erica Arensman
Meg de Recat
Sage Marshall
Jess Cummings
Jessica Chayes
Long Bui
Aaron Cheung
Haley Friedler
Yael Krifcher
Anthia Diaz
Ari Markowitz
Lydia Ottaviano
Elena Milin
Robin Waterman
Annalee Holmdahl
Yael Horowitz
Jennifer karlin
Catherine Green
Tara Mitra
Diego Bleifuss Prados
Yoshiko Samuel
Jessica Abdow
Julian Johnson
Yoshiko Samuel
Natasha Korda
Sasha Stahl
Ian Pylvainen
Althea Turner
Avi Stein
Adi Gandhi
Selene Canter
Will Barr
Aqila Putri
Brian Ahn Thorpe
Rachel Or
Abigail Hornstein
Han Yang Tay
Liana Samson
Erica Andriamaherimanana
Solomon Billinkoff
Sabrina Rueber
Jessica Mack
Lola Sounigo
Maggie Rothberg
Joshua Cardenas
Zach Mauer
Xandra Ellin
Veronica Birdsall
Mika Yaakoba-Zohar
Matt Nevin
Abigail Boggs
Sara Philippe
Clare Zad
Eva Steinberg
Lily Kong
Xiaomiao Zhu
Joanna Paul
Chloe Rinehart
MJ Kaufman
Louisa Winchell
Callie Monroe
Danielle Gamady
Andrea Aware
Diana Dominguez
Victoria King
Melanie Hsu
Earl Lin
Melgily Valdez
Alejandra Marcelino
Jenna Putala
Helen Klass-Warch
Katherine Puntiel
Barbara Yupit Gomez
Evan Baum
Allyson Chung
Peter Myers
Jill Jie'en Tan
luke macdonald
Jennifer Swindlehurst Chan
Hannah Gallogly
Jennifer Escobedo
Elizabeth Shackney
Noah Seltzer
Diana Martinez
April Scheller
Lily Homer
Adrianna Perez
Dre Vargas
Lilly Sandberg
Sara Dean
Jasmine Jason
Ariel Edelman
Heather Whittemore
Cameron Scott
Camille Casareno
Gwendolyn Rosen
Melissa Bueno
Zurich Deleon
Bastian silvestre
Jared Paul
Angel Martin
Jules Chabot
Catherine MacLean
Sarah Rahman
Arpita Vora
Joyce Lowrie
Eli Solomon
Jamie Weiss
Kolbi Bradley
Isabel Alter
Madeleine Sargent
Molly schassberger
Madeleine Gazzolo
Camila Rodriguez
Thomas Reid
Tony Zosherafatain
Oriana Tannenbaum
Julian Weiss
Marya Friedman
Emma Golub
Donna Arreaga
Sitar Terrass-Shah
Aviv Rau
Marcos Plaud Rivera
Maxwell Hellmann
Josh Bloom
Lyra Walsh Fuchs
Elizabeth Traube
Kathryn Wheeler
Michele Lampach
Ella Lindholm-Uzzi
Chiara Bercu
Leah Cabrera
Nate Gardner
Meghan Waitzer
Jack Ginsberg
Laura Stein
Hailey Broughton-Jones
Steven L. Kidder
Columbine Goldsmith
Camilla Lopez
Rhyan Toledo
Jack Reibstein
Arthur Halliday
Renee Palmer
Roberta Pereira
Ward Archibald
Drew Krinitsky
Jaya Sahihi
Emily Murphy
Chloe Papier
Tess Altman
Rebecca Jacobsen
Joanna Paul
Catherine Green
Leticia Costa
Juliet Gelfman-Randazzo
Andrew Rock
Nathan Mullen
Brian H Lee '13
Matthew Carney
Tiffany Coons
Cheyanne Williams
Nora Connor
Annie Paladino
Oren Finard
Billy Ireland
Ella Israeli
Ariane Turley
Taina Quiñones
Eija Kent
Jessie Van Arman
Vera Benkoil
Joao Pedro Pereira-Webber
Sara Wallace-Lee
Jennifer Siranosian
Katie Cahn
Dan Heinrich Cariño Manuyag
Tania Serrano '08
Elvira Lim
Daniel Heimler
Benjamin Hicks
Anastasia Almyasheva
Julier Escobar Solis
Elizabeth Farrell
Delila Flores
Sebastian Canizares
Jesse Sandler
Sarah Kang
Peter Patapis
Kariesha Martinez
Bela Camacho-Horvitz
Alex Sarkowsky
Alex Rothenberg
Joselyn Arroyo
Zoe Kurland
Gabriel Sunshine
Mia Ray
Florence Anito
Julianna Harwood
Keyonne Session
David L Caruso
Jessy Carrasco
Erica Ilana Trumbull
Avigayl Sharp
Lois Brown
Holly Jackson '08
Stacy Uchendu
Lisa Cohen
Mariel Brunman
Morgan Findley
Samantha Curran
Adam Ettelbrick
Eli Maskin
Diane Stockwell
Ruth Chartoff
Henry Vehslage
Jessi Lord
Henry Bushnell
Jack Downey
Lianne Yun
Brandon Shimoda
Michelle Kae
Alexandra Ricks
Sean Michael Chin
Grace Nix
Rebecca Hsieh
Alex Shames
Mikaela Carty
Mira Klein
Adam Sobel
Thomas Donovan
Sarah Osborn
David Machado
Jen Balkus
Ruchi Sheth
Rachel Kaplan
Madeleine Kusel
Willis Weinstein
Rachelle Flowers
Josh Prywes
Lily Landau
Hannah Canter
Bailey Softness
Courtney J. Patterson-Faye
Lily Seaman
Page Nelson
Erica DeMichiel
Lexi De Veaux
Caroline Kravitz
Nathan Cheng
Marten Weiner
Jesse Overholser
Jordan Dunaway-Barlow
Nathan Cheng
Melanie Nevin
Schuyler Whelden
Nick Yeager
Sahar Shaikh
Henry Martellier Jr.
Lisa Hofmann-Kuroda
Torii Johnson
Abigail Wheeler
Araya Wongwan
Sam Friedman
Sarah Regan
Poom Chiarawongse
Regina Melady
Marcelo Salas
Gracie Garcia
Sarah Corey
Deja Knight
Alex Fireman
Emily Leff
Connor Aberle
Claire Marshall
Meg Cummings
Harlan Weaver '99
Greg Lyon
Abike Sonubi
Jeffrey Bigman
Kana Hanson
Maya Herbsman
Marie Scarles
Christina Sickinger
Matthew Gilbert
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Randy Linder
Gabe Lezra
Zack Hersh
Laura Vollmer
Janak Preston
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Kerwin Kaye
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Julia Morrison
Raphael Santiago, Jr.
Sarah Sanders-Messmann
Emely Hilario
Rowan Hyland
Sarah Banker
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Rose Beth Johnson-Brown
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Tobyn Meyer
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Rémy Hatfield-Gardner
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Natalie May
Uma Dieffenbach
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Daniel Maseda
Marieme Diouf
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Chi Chi Wakabayashi
Nila Ravi
Julia Cary
Alex Meadow
Sarah Prickett
Kira Newmark
Robert Rusli
Khephren Spigner
Mitike Lyons
Maryann Platt
Iryelis Lopez
Gabriela De Golia
Maya Stevens
Jenny Davis
Hanh Pham
Dakota An
Chris Gortmaker
Briana Deutsch
Frank Tucci
Hannah Cooper
Madeleine Junkins
Amy Cirincione
Wayne Ng
Kaiyana Cervera
Victoria Davids
Viveka Cousins
Emma Mehta
Jennifer Ledezma
Lily Walkover
Marie Boussard
Luke Goldstein
Elijah Jimenez
Aidan Winn
Will Bosha
Janna Yousef
Isabel Fine
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Alexa Wheeler
Molly Bogin
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Bella Wiener
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Francesca Woodbridge
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Ryden Nelson
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Arielle Cohen
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Alexander Abrams
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Praise Owoyemi
Samira Siddique
Ben Velaise
Gabriel Smith
Anna E Sears
Zoë Kaplan
Carolina Elices
Shantih Kleen
Spencer Ewall
Julia Kim
Leneil Roderique
Miles Tokunow
Arielle Berrick
Grace Stanfield
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Rachel Earnhardt
Julie Rioux
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joshua m rosenthal
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Danica Bornstein
Max Lesser
Molly Bogin
Ariela Rotenberg
Stephanie Schwartz
Samantha Rizon
Eliana Theodorou
Haley Snyder
Nora Faye
Susanna Banks
Sophie Hayssen
Peter Helman
Rebecca Sussman
Emma Seaman
Phoebe Stonebraksr
Joshua Su
Roberto Soto-Carrion
Emma Leuchten
Malika Ilboudo
Matthew Perry
Johnny Hayes
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Katie Boyce-Jacino
Sam Raby
Robert Jackson Warren
Maddie Neufeld
Clara Leonard
Ginny Edelstein
Gabby Vargas
Catherine Coleman
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Meryl Sussman
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Walker Reiss
Julia S Kim
Jesse Salas
Brien Bradley
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Taylor Chin
Julia Amsterdam
Sarah Padgett
Sheryl Rivas
Thafir Elzofri
Owen Christoph
Eric Lopez
Julia Berard
Natasha Kirsten Kraus
Megan Dolan
Ally Gomberoff
Mark Leonida
Daniella Gandolfo
Emily Hart
Benjamin Draghi
Benjamin Draghi
Nick Morgan
Eric Gooden
Alaina Scallan
Hannah Maniates
Erica flashman
Franni Paley
Joanne Rafferty
Acacia Stevens Mauriello
Gabe Gordon
Miriam Leshin
Jessica Smith
nina macintosh
Alex Richwine
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Sean Corlett
Benjamin Goldstein
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Judith Sansone
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Emmet Teran
Emily Koh
Jessica Mason
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Carson Horky
Joanna Krupp
Sophie Dora Tulchin
Blaise Bayno-Krebs
Tara Stone
Frances Sacks
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Emily Monforte
Abigail Friedland
Benjamin Abravanel Swerdlow
Max Lesser
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Mary Toomey
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Amira Chambers Ottley
Kate Bodner
Angus Macdonald
Alex Okun
Maegan Houang
Katherine Nilson
Andrew Postman
Katherine Murtha
tianxin shi
Oliver Goodman
Tara Smith
Isabella Fitzgerald Harewood
Sam Mohney
Abrial Meyer
Nora Christiani
Ruby Blackerby Hernandez
Willa Schwarz
Zander Porter
Savannah Whiting
Anna Flurry
Alondra Muñoz
Susannah Clark
Emily McGhie
Wisly Juganda
Phie Towle
Amy Lum
Susan Creighton
Henrik Palmer
Aditi Guha
Shane Bannon
Gabriel Gordon
Michelle Rosen
Samara Prywes
Lydia Tonkonow
Callie clibanoff
Emma Raddatz
Danielle Levinson
Simon Korn
Andrew Zingg
Chelsea Koehler
Kate Macken
Vanessa Tostado
Nancy Billings
Talia Barrett
Celia Cordova
Ming Zhu
Ben Zucker
Premchai Bunsermvicha
Jenny Cascino
Talia Baurer
Abigail Tanen
Marta Martinez
Clara Siegmund
Gabby Resnick
Julia Zachary
Jamie Kaplan
Kim Pham
Christian Hoyos
Audree Anid
Nathan Repasz
Chris Choi
Arie Levine
Dayna Locitzer
Greta Hartenstein
Jamie Kaplan
Selina Tirtajana
Michael Melmed
Ali San Roman
Rachel Levenson
Tessa Houstoun
Carina Kaufman-Gutierrez
Maren Ellingboe King
Corin Cort
Talia Barrett
Kiara Benn
Mira Guth
Beth Cook
Maria Fortiz-Morse
Kara Ingraham
Sofia Warner
Melissa Rosario
Sam Jones
Franchesca Peña
Tali Robbins
Daniel Zolli
Rick Hong Manayan
Sarah Ashkin
Sergei Pourmal
Hilary Brumberg
Julia Silbergeld
Robie Ryan
Karlen Shahinyan
Anne Cooperstone
Aurora Maoz
Miles Paraggio
Mairead Salsich Viegas
Julia DeVarti
Jahaan Oberoi
Jonah Toussaint
Leila Buck
Lila Babb
Alison Criscitiello
Steffie Kinglake
Aria Danaparamita
Maggie Feldman-Piltch
Akua Murray-Adoboe
Jisan Zaman
Claudia Schatz
Raphael Linden
Jessica Hatrick
Elena Anello
Abby Cunniff
Julie Edwards
Rebecca Lange
Rebecca Vaadia
Rosa McElheny
Clara Pinsky
Peter Thilly
Manon Lefevre
Nina Zeitlin
Andrea DePetris
Sivan Battat
Mansoor Alam
Rachel Stein
Juanita Alvarez- Maldonado
Nahshon Williams
Amy Toig
Jesse Ross-Silverman
Sarah Hoynes
Julia Boland
Rho Chazin Seidelman
Sarah Leitson
Gray Myrseth
Michele Markowitz
Max Gardner
Ian Staub
JM Jaffe
Lex Horan
Zachary Kirwood
Michelle Agresti
Xinyu Zhu
McLean Denny
Andrew Fleming
Zoe Kerrich
Anna Model
Pedro Ventura
Mallory Dubus
Alane Freund
Benjamin Weisgall
Harry Russell
Marlo Longley
Alexandra Mumbauer
Rachel Gelman
Noa Street-Sachs
Haeyoon Jung
Stephanie Lee
Rachel Day
Sarah Ashkin
Shayna Keller
Cameron Couch
Tess Parker
Kate Brown
Elaine Lai
Austin Pope
Ray Edwards
Mary Hart-Paul
Jeffrey Dunn Rovinelli
Abby Baker
Lucy De Souza
Justina Yam
Julissa Peña
James Yelen
Livia Ryan
Silvia Nora Hansel
Dylan Levine
Amanda Larsen
Patricia Cogley
Rahel Haile
Diana Pasquali
Liza Conrad
Madeleine O'Brien
Joli Holmes
Samia Dudley
Sarah Harper
Olive Wexler
David Belman
Grace Kredell
Zoey Farber
Natalie Posner
Yael Chanoff
Vivian Schwab
Sara Rohani
Marina Sideris
Joshua Krugman
Emily Wang
Kevin Strait
Stacy Sneeringer
Allison Perlman
Julia Pearlman
Charlotte Heyrman
Shelby Stokes
Kayla Reiman
Annie Coombs
Mary Weir
Justin Soffer
Emma Cooper-Serber
Elissa Heller
Allison Zoromski
Isaac Marck
Gwen Freudenheim
Emily Black
Una Osato
Avi Lipton
Sarah Wax
Natasha Phillips
Evan Thorne
Maeve Russell
Hannah New
Zack Brida
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