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Title IX Student Advisory Board 2017-2018
Purpose: The TIXAB is to provide the Title IX Coordinator with increased access to students, and provide a forum for students to share their perspectives on Title IX issues, including but not limited to sexual misconduct. The TIXAB serves as a forum for dialogue between students and the Title IX Office and seeks to identify and bring attention to Title IX issues of importance to the student body. It also functions as a liaison between the Title IX Office and a wide range of student voices across campus.

Meeting Frequency: The board will meet at least three times a semester, the Title IX Coordinator reserves the right to hold a fourth meeting at their discretion. All members who are found to have missed two (2) or more meetings may be dismissed at the discretion of the Chair. Meetings will normally be closed to non-TIXSAB members.

TIXSAB Membership: Members are permitted to send a representative if they personally cannot attend a TIXSAB meeting on behalf of the member's organization or affiliation.

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