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OK-State NextSeq500 Sample Submission
Complete this form. The date, time, and Lab or Group identifier will be used as a unique identifier of your samples.
Example Identifier: 1702281523JoeBlo. (YYMMDDmmss<name>)
You should be guided to the proper next form based on your responses within this form.
Contact Name *
Use a real name. For example HOYT, or Hoyt, or Peter Hoyt. Do not use numbers.
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Email Address *
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OSU Charge Number
(If applicable) OSU users must supply a valid charge number (e.g. 1 234567)
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Contact and Billing address:
NOTE. If you answered "Other" to Contact Institution, Contact City, Contact State, or Contact Zip-code, please provide your Institutional affiliation including complete address and/or billing address below.
Enter Street or billing address.
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Laboratory or Group Identifier *
Use a SHORT identifier (e.g. 4-6 letters or numbers) which you will use when UPLOADING FILES.
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Select High-throughput or Mid-throughput *
Number of samples (indexed) to sequence? *
Enter the number of different indexed samples so that demultiplexing gives the same number.
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If using indexed samples, are you using double or single indecies?
When submitting completed libraries, did you use an Illumina Library Preparation Kit and Illumina indecies (if applicable)? *
Client responsibility for library kits and custom protocols
If you answered "No" to the previous question, we require a spreadsheet listing your index sequences. The spreadsheet can be Excel, comma delimited, or tab-delimited, but must include the following completed columns:
SampleNumber | SampleName | Index1Name | Index2Name | Index1sequence | Index2sequence

The Index2Name and Index2sequence columns can be left blank if you are only using a single index.

Upload the index spreadsheet at

If you need sequencing but aren't sure which kits to use, just come talk to us. We are here to help

Will you allow your samples to be sequenced with other compatible samples? (Answering "No" means you are purchasing a complete run) *
What category of "User" are you? *
IMPORTANT: Cost and Terms for Sequencing*
Costs shown below do not contain all (minimal) quality control charges and should be considered estimates until a final invoice is issued. Prices can change without notice. Policies (terms) are at:
PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL with questions.
Have you reviewed and agree to the costs and terms of the Genomics Center Sequencing? (answering "No" will disqualify your sample submission) *
Are you supplying your own prepared libraries? *
NOTE: Client-supplied Libraries
Bring as much information on the library quality as you can. We will re-validate your library using a Bioanalyzer trace, and qPCR but cannot guarantee the number of reads, or run success, with client-supplied libraries
Pre-Library Prep QC Instructions
We require gel electrophoresis pictures of your submitted sample(s) unless the mass of your samples is too small (e.g.20ng total). Gel images must have size markers, loading volumes, and clearly labeled lanes. Upload image at:

In addition, all DNA or RNA library requests require (at least) a Bioanalyzer Trace for each sample. If Bioanalyzer or other QC of your samples are unavailable, we will perform all quality control required for minimal charges. Call for exact quotes.

(EXTERNAL Genomics center users) If available, submit electronic Bioanalyzer images or charts for all your samples at:

(OSU Genomics center users) If the Genomics center performed your Bioanalyzer analysis, contact us to identify your samples.

Are you providing DNA or RNA for Library Prep? *
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