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Leadership Mind 2019/20: Application Form
Thank you for your interest in joining this eight month learning journey in The Work and your leadership. I hope you can join us!

The intention of this program is to bring together a committed and diverse small group to engage in a transformative learning experience – both in terms of your own personal leadership growth in your work and life, and in deepening your practice of The Work. Whether you see your personal leadership more clearly applied to your professional life or your personal life, through the structure and practice of this program you will have ample opportunity for learning and growth in both areas and the opportunity to develop more coherence.

If you are a coach or facilitator you may also bring some focus to how you can bring The Work more fully into your work with others, in addition to your own practice. You will gain this experience through your own inquiry, facilitation practice, a range of exercises that help develop different applications of The Work, and you can also can use some of your coaching session time for deepening your learning and application of The Work to your profession.

This application process is intended to help you to reflect on your intention for joining, and to help me to bring together a group with a well suited amount of commitment, some diversity of experience and perspective and a willingness and interest in working with yourself and others.

Program dates TBA soon. Webinar times and dates will be polled with participants and confirmed. These will be 90 minute sessions bi-weekly. A $500 deposit will be required upon application approval.

If you think this is a match for you – please apply and join us!

Depending on when you apply, I will be in touch with you within two weeks to check in.

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Thank you and I look forward to connecting soon!

Caitlin Frost

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