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Greenvale Park Elementary Volunteer Application
Section 1: Contact Information
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Section 2: Volunteer Interests and Availability
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Number of students you prefer to work with?
Do you have experience or an interest in working with children with special needs?
Please tell us about other volunteer experiences you have had, especially involving children.
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The Northfield Public Schools requires a criminal background check for certain volunteer positions. If necessary, are you willing to participate?
The Northfield Public Schools may require attendance at an orientation and/or training sessions for certain volunteer positions. Will you agree to attend?
Would you prefer assignment to a position that will not require training?
Section 3: Education, Background & Skills Inventory: About You
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Please summarize your employment history
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Do you hold a teaching or other professional license?
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During your own school years, what activities were you involved in?
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If you've previously volunteered at a Northfield school, please describe that experience below.
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If you volunteered at the elementary level, please tell us how involved you were:
Do you have any children at Greenvale Park?
If yes, please list all children and grades.
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Do you speak a language other than English?
If yes, what language(s) do you speak?
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Do you have any expertise or an interest in any of these curriculum areas?
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