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GroupCircle beta feedback (not shared publicly)
Please enter as many details as you can! I can't see your messages since they are not logged or saved at any time during the transmission. I rely on deep links to pass them in the payloads.
Name (optional, but please help me identify you if you choose to participate in beta2)
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which phone/OS did you use? (Make sure Messenger version is greater than version 92)
Did you easily understand what this bot was about from the welcome message?
What do you think of the bot so far?
Did you send or receive quick replies?
Did you use the Main Menu - Create a new post function?
Did you send or receive attachments? (image, video, audio)
What language did you use to send text messages?
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Any new feature request for beta2?
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Would you be interested in participating in beta2 containing at least one new feature in a few weeks? (I'll add you to a private FB group if you say yes)
Other thoughts or comments:
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