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AI Interactive Case Studies Forum
The Toronto Machine Learning Summit is in the process of organizing a niche (small size) AI Interactive Case Study Series, and we have a unique opportunity for presenting companies. Our event will take place downtown Toronto during the evening of July (TBA).

This could be a great opportunity for you to present a "case-study" and engage with very qualified practitioners (round-table discussion) at no cost.

Format: For each session, presenters will describe a “case”, similar to MBA Case Studies, that highlights one of the following (non-exhaustive):
1. A technical AI challenge
2. A data / infrastructure challenge
3. An ethical / regulatory issue
4. A business / strategy problem relating to AI

The cases can either be a problem that can't be solved by the presenting company, or one that's is in the process of being solved. For each problem, TMLS will be facilitating a curated audience of relevant experts (to facilitate roundtable discussions).

Do you have an interesting problem? Would you like to be considered as a Case-Presenter? If so, please complete this submission form.

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Thank you for your request to participate!
. Please keep in mind space in limited, and it may be upwards of a week before you receive a response.
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