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Character Industry Intensive application
Thank you for your interest in my Summer 2018 Character Industry Intensive. If you would like to take this class, please fill out this application. We will review everyone’s information on a rolling basis beginning on FRIDAY, JUNE 8TH, and on MONDAY, June 11th OR when we reach our limit for applications (and possibly over the weekend), we will begin reaching out to those whom we think would be good fits.

Once we reach out to those selected for inclusion in the class, it will be filled on a first come, first served basis—so if you are interested in taking this class, please be prepared to submit your registration and payment (or first payment, if you are planning on taking advantage of the payment plan) within 24 hours of notification of your acceptance. Please note that depending on the number of applications and when they are submitted, this could be as early as Friday, June 8th.

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Why are you interested in this class? What do you hope to gain or learn from it? *
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What are your primary areas of interest, as they pertain to voiceover work (i.e. commercials, audiobooks, etc.) and/or the entertainment industry/media (animation, video games, etc)? *
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What are some of your passions, interests and hobbies, outside of voiceover work/the entertainment industry/media? Causes about which you are passionate? Things you enjoy learning? *
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If you could voice any kind of character in any kind of animated series, short, video game, etc. (that hasn't yet been made), what would it be? Why? *
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Individual work:
This class will require a significant amount of individual work outside of class time in order for its participants to derive its full benefit.
Individual work (per above): Are you aware of, prepared for, and/or looking forward to this? *
This class will also require traveling to different parts of the city for different events, which will include Burbank and Hollywood and may also include Culver City, Sun Valley, Glendale, DTLA, Pasadena, West Hollywood, etc. according to the specific makeup of the group, the specific events from which they would most benefit, and the specific dates/times of particular events. All date/time and location info will be provided well in advance of each event. Generally, this will be no fewer than two weeks, but due to the fluctuation of scheduled speakers, guest schedules, event postponements, etc. this could be on significantly shorter notice. I will always give you the information as SOON as I have it myself--but do be aware that beyond that, due to the externally-associated nature of this class, much of it is simply out of my control!
Travel (per above): Are you aware of, prepared for, and/or looking forward to the prospect of seeing a sampling of some of the awesome things this city has to offer? *
Please share anything else you think we should know in determining whether you are a good fit for this class. *
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