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Start A Circle K Club
Want to learn more about the largest Collegiate service organization nationwide that's all about service leadership and Fellowship? Want to learn what it means to be a leader on and off campus, make life long friends and make a difference in the world? Then fill out this survey!
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What College will you be attending/Are you attending?
If you are still deciding what college you will be attending which one are you leaning towards/most likely going to attend.
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Were you a member of Key Club while you were in high school
Did you serve as a member, club, district, or International officer? and if So what role?
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If not a member of Key Club were you a part of another organization that did community service and if so, what was it?
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Did you serve as a member or officer and if so what role?
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Would you be interested in being a part of a service organization while in college?
Please explain your answer from the previous question such as why you want to be part of a service organization.
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Would you be willing to start/charter a new club on campus if it wasn't already there?
What would be the best way to contact you: email, phone, facebook etc Please provide said form of contact.
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