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Come live at Our House with us!
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Newly renovated rooms with huge closets available in a fully furnished (negotiable tho if you love to decorate~) upper duplex of a Victorian house in Flatbush-Ditmas Park. Photos + descriptions below.
+ $1200/month includes heat, hot water, electrical, gas, wifi, free in-house laundry, indoor bike parking, Netflix, Amazon Prime, veggie CSA share.
+ $150 for a desk in 24 hr communal co-working study (optional)
+ $1500 security deposit (negotiable)
+ addt'l fees /deposits per person / animal sharing the room / space

Our House is a wooden-frame Victorian house undergoing ongoing improvements. There are five steps up to the porch, and then there is a steeper staircase of 16 steps leading up to the duplex. House is half a block away from two Q train stops, around the corner to a number of buses (including express buses) and close to King's Theater, gyms, post office, Cortelyou Road shops, restaurants, food coop, cafés, greenmarket, library and more.

Currently (this is all flexible and mutable based on current housemate preferences/experiences and communication!), housemates share:
+ Bi-weekly house meetings and shorter weekly topical check-ins
+ Monthly community dinners
+ Daily house dinners
+ Park Slope Food Coop membership (
+ a CSA membership + a free veggie share and other free perks
+ an additional food and household budget (not included in rent) of approximately $125-$200/month each
+ a House Funds spent by consensus
+ a Cooperative Agreement:
+ a guest room
+ Farmy duties (your choice of chicken care, beekeeping, compost care, bi-weekly farming days, etc.)
+ Dog care (only 1 walk + feed per week)
+ Loaner bikes and a bike repair space. Planning for car sharing.
+ House maintenance, development, projects and fun! Dreaming of murals, free library & pantry, and starting an Artist-in-Residence project.
+ A squatty-potty! A piano! Aromatherapy! Kitchen full of top-of-the-line gadgets! A bidet! A tea bar!

Other Amenities:
Common spaces fully furnished and renter insured. Decked out kitchen (Subzero, Miele, Vitamix, Cuisinart, KitchenAid to name a few!). Eclectic lending library. Large outdoor spaces (porch, backyard, garage, driveway) with hammock, swing, tables, fireplace. Designated off-street driveway parking available; Additional storage, and workspace negotiable. Opportunities to discuss ownership, power and space.

+ 邵lida: 34-year-old medical school student engaged with POC intellectualisms and lives. ​Plays piano, erhu and with cats, animals, and language. Likes to cook/eat, read, farm, watch movies. Full-time Owner & Collective Member working on house renovations with part-time help from community and creating a Community Land Trust with pro bono legal and financial help.
+ xtian: 44-year-old visual artist with high-end contracting skills. An avid reader, a pescatarian interested in vegan gourmet. Rides bike as much as possible. Renovating two other places in addition to this house on a part-time/sweat-equity basis. Stepper-to-Own & Collective member
+ M.F. Dulce de la Jaguar: a 2 year old lovable, friendly, clean, quiet mutt doggie with papers from South Korea. Loves long walks on the beach and shaking their butt. Lifts one paw when focused like an arrow. Multiple beds in warm spots. Brain & Land Trust of the House.
+ 1st floor separate apartment are friends: a family with 4 kids we share 2 meals a week with.
+ 5 pullets: Three 2-year-old composters, (B.O.O., Peck, Leggy) and two (Bigbie and Li'l B) who started laying last year. They're often found publicly scratching, aerating dirt; eating and digesting. All are sprinters who prefer warm stones and high bars, and who contemplate all spots with equal consideration. Firm believers in sleeping from dusk to dawn. Practice the lost art of communal dust bathing and do not keep all eggs in one basket. Brain & Land Trust of the House.
+ 2 Russian queen bees who don't sting anyone else but other queens bees.
++their hives: We live for others, work really hard, zip around, and support the world. The original mathematicians, we tackle problems from both sides. We guard our entrance fiercely and will collectively buzz in warning. Brain & Land Trust of the House.

Looking for:
People who want to fully engage with cooperativising. We prioritise POC, queers, New Yorkers who stay/ed, and those over 30 y.o.
+ those who will see it as an opportunity starting from the ground-up;
+ those who want to co-create; grow together; share responsibilities to and with one another;
+ those who want to build a long-term household mentality and internal support network;
+ those who love asking questions and thrive creating beauty out of many diverse and different inputs;
+ those who love nerding out creating systems that work, are equitable, and based on common values-->this is for you!

IF INTERESTED, next steps:
Fill out the below Google Form, or email a video and/or a detailed email to: OurHouseGrowsinBrooklyn <at> gmail <dot> com.
We read apps as they come in as we could also hold the room for the right person and can be flexible with particular situations.

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Historical Photo c1899
Everyday life at the house
Kitchen 2
Living Room -- piano + lending library
Living Room -- music, stars + lending library
Foyer with large glass mirror and seat and umbrella stand
3rd Fl bathroom
2nd Fl bathroom
Our House Mini-Farm 2017 season plan! (beehives + chicken penthouse not shown)
These questions are more of a guide. Please don't feel like you have to exactly answer every question written. If you feel like your answer is sufficient in response to what we've expressed, then you're good!
Self: How would you describe yourself, your personality, the things you're proud of, the things you'd like to work on? And please share anything else you're comfortable with, which can include: superpower, fave animal, fave book, gender pronoun, who would play you in a movie... *
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House: Given what you know about the house, what makes you a good fit for the house? How do you anticipate or how will you ensure your fit? Why is the house a good fit for you? What resonates with you? What is something you'd wanna learn more about? What challenges (if any) do you anticipate? *
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Community: How do you define community? Describe your current community. What would your ideal community look like? How do you anticipate building community within Our House? Tell us about a time your community came through for you. What challenges have you gone through w/your community and how did it go? *
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