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Bridges to Careers Computer User Support Training Program Application Track #1 Cohort 4
Welcome and congratulations on taking your first step towards your career in the Information Technology field!

The Brides to Careers Computer User Support Training Program is a unique coaching and training program that includes CompTIA A+ Certification Exam Prep, Financial Coaching, and Employment Coaching. Learn more here:

To apply, please fill out the following assessment completely.

All parts of the Application must be completed BY May 14, 2017 . Please email with any questions.

Part 1: Center for Changing Lives Program Application below

Part 2: Email and/or call Kayla Villalobos at or (773) 342-6210 Ext: 251 to confirm a time and day to complete your pre-assessment and interview day.

Application and Enrollment Important Dates:
Program Calendar:
Part 1a: General Information
Your Full Name: (First, Last Name) *
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Date of Birth: Month/date/ year *
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What is your mailing address? *
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Do you have an email address? *
If yes, please type it in the box below. If no, please write "N/A"
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What is the best telephone number at which to reach you? *
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How did you hear about CCL's Bridges to Careers Information Technology Program? *
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What is the highest level of education that you have completed? *
Are you eligible to work in the United States? *
Are you able to commit to a 34-week program? *
Are you currently employed? *
If you are employed, what is your current work schedule? Please outline days and hours. *
If you are not employed, type "N/A"
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Are you available to attend class everyday from 10am-2pm Monday- Friday for this 34-week program? *
If you are not employed, are you seeking employment to sustain yourself throughout the next 34 weeks? *
If you are employed, type "N/A"
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Part 1b. Program Interest:
In this section, we would like to learn more about your interest in this program, your expectations, and what goals you hope to achieve.
What are your expectations surrounding this Bridges to Careers Information Technology Program and your participation in it? *
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What do you see yourself doing once you have your CompTIA A+ Certification? How will this enhance your life overall? *
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What are some of your Financial Goals that you see yourself working towards during this program with the IT Financial Coach? *
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What are some of your Employment Goals that you see yourself working towards during this program with the Employment Coaches? *
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What's really important to you in life? How will this program help you achieve that? *
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What are some of your interests and/or hobbies? How might those things be explained as transferable skills in the IT field? *
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Please tell us about a time that you solved a technology-related problem. *
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Part 1c. Resources and Supports:
This section encourages you to think about the resources that you already have in your life and those you need to successfully complete this program.
What support systems and resources do you already have in your life that can help you complete this 34-week program? *
Resources don't have to be things! (Think baby-sitters, transportation assistance, a car-pool buddy, a study buddy, access to a computer, etc.)
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Please check all resources that may be helpful for you during this time: *
CCL Coaches can work with you to access these resources!
Describe a time when someone helped you? What did that look like? *
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What are some characteristics that you would look for in a mentor while you are a student in this program? *
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Part 1d. Problem Solving and Strategy Planning
Please think about what challenges may come up throughout the next 34 weeks and what actions you would take to work around them and reach your goals.
What things may affect your ability to actively participate in and complete a 34-week program? *
We want you to be successful! Part of being successful comes from communicating what challenges you may face--whether they relate to child-care, transportation, physical and mental wellness, time management around other commitments, etc.
Your answer
What's one action that you are willing to put into place that could be a strategy to prevent this challenge from getting in the way of your success? *
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If there was something important around achieving your goal (to help you succeed or that could get in the way) that you haven't mention yet, what would it be? *
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List your top 3 motivators for completing this program? *
What or who is driving you to succeed with your IT career?
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Congratulations! You've finished part #1 of the application process for the Bridges to Careers- Computer User Support Information Technology Training Program at Center for Changing Lives!

To move on to part #2 of this application, please email Peter to set up on assessment and interview date to complete your application.

Having trouble need help:
For any questions on the application process please contact IT Employment Coach, Peter Escobar via email at with any questions or give him a call at (773) 342-6210 EXT 252.
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