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States of Origin 2019 Pre-Registration
Register for the best Novice Comp in Australia by completing this form.
Please Fill in ALL details to register. We use this Info to build the Scoring system.

Final Registration and Waiver to be completed at HQ Friday 19th along with the payment of Comp fees

Register before 5th of April to receive the early bird discount.
All Pre-registrations must be received before 9am on 18th of April 2019. Easter 2019 19th to 21st of April.

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Pilot's Last Names *
Pilot's First Names *
Pilot's Mobile Number: *
HGFA Number *
UHF radio, Reserve. I Have; *
Total XC Hours: *
State Representation i.e. Your Address When you got your Lic. *
Satellite Tracker ID
If you carry a Spot or a Delorme please complete this section. Please enter your shared page ID. For Spot, you need to enter the number after the = in your shared page. Eg, if your shared page is, then your Spot ID is 0eYocnUkybeyH4Xjq1uJecYh5JNRYBkIh. For Delorme, enter the characters after .com/. Eg if your shared page is then your Delorme ID is John
Wing - Make, Model & Rating: *
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