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This is a friendly form to understand better your needs and see how we could help one another growing our business and gaining new skills by exchanging ideas and experience at our Jelly's coworking sessions.
1. About you: In a few words tell us what you do?
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2. From where are you usually working?
3. What is the main reason why you joined this group?
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4. What does "coworking" mean to you?
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5. How would you like to benefit from this group?
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6. Would you be interested in skill sharing among our group members?
7. What time and day would suit you best for our co-working sessions?
8. What kind of social media are you using on a daily basis?
9. Have you ever attended one of our co-working sessions?
10. If you ever attended our coworking session, let us know your opinion and your experience.
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11. What could we add or change in the future?
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