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Parents' Evening Survey
Progress Leaders are currently reviewing the format of our parents' evenings and we would welcome feedback from parents who have attended any of our parents' evenings in the past and those who struggle to attend so that we can work to make the evenings more accessible and meaningful for families.
1. Have you attended parents' evenings at Central Lancaster High School?
2. Did you attend Year 8 parents' evening on 6th February 2020?
3. Did you prefer the layout of 6th February parents' evening compared to those you may have attended that were run in the hall?
4. Please leave any comments about the format of the classroom based parents evening below.
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5. Please leave any comments about the format of the hall based parents evening below.
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6. Evening time slots; please indicate which time you prefer.
7. What prevents you from attending parents' evenings?
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8. Do you receive useful information about your child's progress, attitude to learning and behaviour at parents' evenings?
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9. Is there anymore information you would like to receive at parents' evening?
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10. Any other comments that would support us in improving our parents' evenings please leave below.
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